Favorite Everybody’s Psychic Introduction

Did you epsychicver…

  • “have a feeling” that something was wrong with a loved one, then find out later you were right?
  • “dream” (whether awake or asleep) of a deceased loved one, and it felt “real” somehow?
  • experience “déja-vu” – the feeling you’ve been there before, doing the same thing?
  • see a ghost or other phenomenon you couldn’t explain?
  • have a dream that came true?
  • “feel” that you shouldn’t do something, but did it anyway, only to discover your feeling was correct?
  • “know” who was on the phone before you answered it (without caller ID)?

If you have experienced any of the above, you have had a psychic experience – also referred to as intuition, “gut instinct”, extra-sensory perception (ESP), telepathy (mind reading), clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-feeling), mediumship (communication with the dead), remote viewing (psychically viewing a specific target), or simply dismissed as “coincidence”.

We are all born with an innate psychic capacity; however, just as we are not all Mozarts, we are not all destined to become professional psychics.  Little children often express psychic behaviors (you probably know, for example, of a child who had – or has – an “imaginary friend”), only to be subjected to the disapproval of a parent or other withdrawal of support.  Also, after they start school, these kids often suppress or forget their gifts, as they undergo stimulation of the left (linear, logical) side of their brains and/or realize that not everyone can do or see the things they can.

All ancient societies had “seers” believed to be capable of perceiving or manipulating extrasensory information, who were responsible for divining the future or interpreting “omens”.

Many people believe that Jesus was the most gifted prophet of all time.  Not only could he foretell the future, he also had the ability to heal.  Numerous other prophets (psychics) – Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, for example – are written about in the Bible, yet many churches today deny or even condemn psychic talents.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, seances became very popular.  Beginning in 1927 at Duke University, J. B. Rhine studied and documented “psi” phenomena for decades.  Psychic abilities have in fact been demonstrated in thousands of controlled studies around the world; the literature on the subject is vast.  In the mid-20th Century, the U. S. Department of Defense sponsored a then-secret “spy” protocol called Remote Viewing, which strove to develop teachable methods of gathering intelligence data psychically.

We constantly hear of the crucial need to exercise in order to enhance our physical abilities.  The same is true for our psychic abilities, as well.  Take a psychic development class (which I highly recommend, because of the encouraging feedback one gets in a “live” situation), watch a video, do the exercises available on my website (and many others – do an Internet search), or read one of the many books on the subject.  It’s all about focus, intention, attention, and practice, practice, practice!

Psychic ability is a natural gift we all have – exercise it to realize your full potential.  Most importantly, be open to and support the children in your life, as they explore and manifest their abilities.  Remember – Everybody’s Psychic!

Anyone can  “re-develop” his or her abilities – it’s a matter of exercise, intent, focused attention and practice, practice, practice! In each edition of my Rainbow Times Ezine I will be offering a different exercise to help you increase your psychic ability.

I hope that you will experiment with some of the exercises.  Feel free to share any comments, suggestions or experiences below the appropriate exercise.  Everyone has a piece of the puzzle – please share!

Caryl Dennis

Chakra Balancing

BodyPosterOne of the best ways I know of enhancing your psychic ability and balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is to work with your chakra (endocrine)  system.  You can learn more about chakras here and in my book, Colorology: The Science of Color.

Always begin at the base of the spine with the color red and move upward, so your body can more easily assimilate the frequencies as they get shorter and faster.

Basic Chakra Balancing Exercise

  1. Relax, take a few deep breaths
  2. Beginning with red at the base of the spine, imagine energy spiraling into your body into each endocrine gland/chakra, in a clockwise (your right to left) direction.
  3. Take as long as you like with each color; visualize the spiraling, colored energy stimulating each endocrine gland and the organs associated with it.
  4. When you finish traversing  the color spectrum (with the color violet at the top of your head), go back to any color you had difficulty visualizing or feeling and give that area an extra “blast”.
  5. Relax and mentally scan your body; you probably feel more serene and balanced.  Remember that wonderful feeling and call upon it in stressful moments!

Do this exercise as often as you are able; it’s especially helpful as an aid to falling asleep, and when preparing to do psychic exercises or healing work.

Chakra Cleansing


Balanced, healthy chakras spiral energy into the body in a clockwise direction (from your right to left).  However, stress — physical, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual — can easily bring about imbalance and disharmony in the movement of the energy through the body.

A simple way to correct such imbalances is to “spin” the chakras counter-clockwise beginning with the first, “red” chakra (the longest and slowest frequency).  Imagine the energy spinning in a counter-clockwise direction (that is, from your left to right) into the chakra.  You may wish to make a spiraling motion with your hand over the chakra to help you visualize and stay focused.

Before you move to the next chakra, don’t forget to finish up by reversing the direction of the energy spirals to the normal, clockwise direction, in order to complete the rebalancing process.

Move upward through all seven chakras from the lowest to the highest (violet).  The longer and slower you do this, the more benefit.  Trust your intuition or you can check the state of each chakra using neuromuscular feedback.

You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel.  Give it a try!

PS.  It can be a productive way to utilize the time if you can’t sleep.

White Light of Protection

whitelightBeing a psychic sponge can be detrimental physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually –unless you learn to protect yourself energetically.

One way to do this is to imagine a flame or light in your heart – your “Life Force” – the energy of Love.

Imagine it spreading throughout your chest, arms, body and legs, then expand it out to create an egg (luminous body) around your body. This is sometimes called the “White Light of Protection”. Negative or unwanted energy will simply bounce off your “egg of protection”.


meditationA  vital step in developing your psychic abilities is to understand your chakra/energy system.

Meditation is the second step.  “Meditation is listening — Prayer is talking.”  There are many methods of meditation; explore and find one that works for you.  It could be walking or sitting in nature or in a quiet place in your home where you will be undisturbed; yoga postures or mantras can also be used.  (Personally, I find a hot bath to be the most helpful place to meditate!) The goal is to connect to your “still small voice within”.

You may find it helpful to hold a particular question, issue or intention in mind as you begin — any topic concerning which you require insight or information.

First, make yourself comfortable (but not so comfortable that you fall asleep!); take a few deep, cleansing breaths, filling your lungs from the bottom up.  Hold each breath, then release it slowly.   Repeat if you feel “stuck” or feel nothing is happening during the meditation; always “return to your breath” when the mind wanders or the “internal chatter” is too pervasive.  Closing your eyes helps to eliminate distractions, but again, guard against falling asleep!  You may have noticed in many statues of the Buddha seated in a meditation posture, the eyes are half-closed, unfocused.

Now, balance your chakras, beginning with red at the base of your spine.  Take as long as you like with each color, seeing the color spinning into the appropriate area of the body and penetrating the appropriate glands and organs.  Move slowly up the body.

Next, just relax quietly, listen and observe.  You may not hear or see anything but your “mind chatter” at first, but eventually you may begin hearing a voice or seeing a picture in your mind’s eye.  Stay relaxed and observant; remember your intention or question.

Stay in this state as long as you can, at least twenty minutes.  When you are finished, thank your higher self, guides, helpers and loved ones in spirit for their assistance.

Journal what information or impressions you received.

If you are new to meditation, it may take a while to develop the connection, but it will be time well spent.  At the very least, a regular meditation practice will decrease stress, promote equanimity, and improve self-discipline!

Internet Dating

Internet Dating Exercise

When am I going to meet my Soul Mate? matchmakinglogopic

This the most commonly-asked question I hear in my work as a Psychic, so a few years ago I did some research into the joys and travails of modern mate-finding.  The resource website 21st Century Matchmaking  is a result of that research.  Here are some important tips relative to the pitfalls of launching oneself into the world of internet mate-seeking:

1.  Create your “ideal” mate list.  This will help you get clear about what you DO want in your life and you will need this information to create your Profile on whatever site you choose to use.  If you need some suggestions, you can check my Profile Page.  Star your non-negotiables and add “This or Something Better” at the end.    Do not use negatives like no, not, don’t, etc.  Be specific:  ask for what you want.

2.  DO NOT lie or stretch the truth in any way on your Profile.  Prospects will ultimately find out, and any potential relationship will be at the least hindered by questions of trust.  (“If she lied about that…”)

3.  There are a number of free, paid and niche dating websites.  From my research and the experience of many of my clients, the paid sites seem to offer better results.  (www.match.com  has been very successful for some of my clients)  Participants seem to be more serious about finding a relationship, since they are willing to pay for the service.  There are several suggested links on my website.

4.  If  you seek a partner who is Spiritually inclined, use the word “Spiritual” in your Profile as often as possible.  It will eliminate those who do not understand what that means and save you time and energy.  www.spiritualsingles.com   might be a good choice.

5.  Open the mileage radius larger than your local area.

6.  Use a web cam to meet the person before meeting them in person.  Use your intuition to sense their energy and get a feeling as to whether you want to continue the adventure.  It’s simply safer and can save a great deal of time and energy.



1.  Get a journal or have your Ipad or a computer file available to record your impressions.

2.  Go through the Profiles, looking only at the pictures, staring into the eyes.

3.  Stop at anyone you “feel” or “sense” something from.

4.  Don’t look at the Profile information yet.

5.  Record their name and your first impressions – whatever feelings, sights, sounds or insights you perceive – anything.  Often the small things can mean a great deal later.  Try not to judge the information – just record.

6.  You might want to ask the following questions.  You can use neuro-muscular feedback to get an answer or simply your psychic perception – record any sights, sounds or feelings:

  • Do I know this person from another lifetime?
  • What was our relationship?
  • When in time, more than once?
  • What is our most important lesson/issue, if any, in this lifetime?
  • Is it for our highest and best good to explore this connection now?
  • What is their profession?
  • Do they have children?
  • How do they like to spend their time?

7.  When you feel complete – then look at the Profile to see if there is any information you can verify there.  Be sure to record that information.

8.  If you feel so led, proceed with the contact.  Trust your intuition – if it doesn’t “feel” right – move on.

9.  If you choose to pursue the relationship, continue to record any information or perceptions as you explore.  Highlight all of your “hits”.

10. It might also be helpful to read my post about Instant Recognition.


PS  If you would like a peek into your most probable future, I am often able to remote view potential relationships, giving details to help you on the journey.  This is one of my favorite stories:

I described to a client a bearded man, whom she would encounter at a party or wedding near the water.  He would be sitting at the end of a bar, which I saw to her right.  She responded, “I would never be attracted to someone like that!” (She wasn’t into guys with beards). 

Two weeks later, she was at a wedding near the water and saw the man I described at the other end of the bar.  She went over and introduced herself; they are now engaged (and he shaved off his beard).  She said she would never have given him a second look had it not been for my reading.

MORAL:  Never say never!

About Matchmaking

Telepathic Messaging

psychic1.  Think of a person you don’t hear from regularly, and who has not been in touch with you recently.

2.  Get into a meditative state by taking a few deep breaths, calming your energy and relaxing.

3.  Spin your chakras, beginning with red at the base of the spine and moving upward sequentially through the other six chakras.

4.  Pretend you have a movie screen in your mind’s eye; remember the person you have chosen, visualizing fun or emotionally-charged experiences that you shared.  Continue this process for a few minutes.

5.  Imagine you are sending that person a message to call you.

6.  Repeat the process every day for seven days.

7.  Record your results.  This exercise may be repeated using different people.  Practice, practice, practice!


successGratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging everything that you receive.  It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle and being aware on a continuous basis of how blessed you are.

Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present.   In addition, behavioral and psychological research has shown the surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude.

Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient.  It strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress and increases your intuition.

Psychic Children

NatiecroppedAs I have pointed out in previous exercises, “Everybody’s Psychic” to some degree, the degree being a combination of innate ability and practice. We are born without preconceptions through which to filter our experience, and are therefore able to perceive aspects of reality that mainstream science is just now beginning to understand. Between birth and the age of seven, we spend most of our time in an alpha/right brain/”altered” state of consciousness, which is the state in which so-called “psychic” experience, or “extrasensory perception” takes place.

At about six or seven years old we begin school and the development of the left brain really begins. Our attention is directed to more physical/earthly matters, the realms of imagination, fantasy, and yes, extrasensory perception — psychic ability, in other words — are dismissed (and disrespected) as irrelevant to “real” education.  We become immersed and embedded in the world of the five physical senses, and formal education reinforces and accelerates the process.

It has been my experience, however, that more children these days are retaining their abilities. You may know of a child who is playing with an “imaginary friend”, talking to or seeing dead relatives or strangers, knowing someone has died before being told, having dreams that come true, talking about past lives, seeing auras and having knowledge of things they couldn’t possibly know. The subject has become sufficiently noticeable in our society that it has spawned a TV show, Psychic Kids.  Parker and I wrote one of the first books to deal with this phenomenon, The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift. You can learn more about these kids there. They are also referred to as “Indigo Children”, “Crystal Children” or “Rainbow Children”.

The important thing to remember is that if one of these children shows up in your life — LISTEN TO THEM!  I can’t express the importance of this strongly enough.

Here are some ways you can help if you encounter one of these kids:

1.  Listen to her (I’ll use the feminine in this article). No matter how crazy it may sound to you, just be open to what she is saying, without judgment. Pay attention to your non-verbal reactions too – kids will notice them even if you don’t.

2.  Keep a journal for her, either written or verbal, if the child is not old enough to do it herself, or encourage her to do it herself.   Whatever the case, record what is happening.  It will be most helpful for later reference.

3.  Teach the child about the White Light of Protection we discussed in a previous e-zine. (More information HERE.) Just being dead does not automatically make somebody a saint or smart. Some non-physical people have good intentions, and some don’t — just like their earthly counterparts. Children especially need to know how to protect themselves.

4.  Teach the child about boundaries, about appropriate behavior. If a spirit/dead person asks her to do something she doesn’t want to do, or attempts to coerce her into doing something she knows is wrong, she can say “NO, GO AWAY!” and project White Light/Love at the entity. Negative entities can’t stand the “Light” and vibration of “Love”, and “good, positive spirits” will leave if you tell them to.

5.  Explain to the child that everyone doesn’t see what she is seeing (she may not know that at first) and it’s better not to talk to everyone about it. Ridicule by one’s peers can be more traumatizing than the experience itself.  Do reassure her, however, that it’s okay to tell you whatever she wants or needs to tell you.

6.  Ask the child about her dreams, and listen carefully to what is forthcoming.  You could get clues about the nature of what she is experiencing in her waking reality.

7.  Learn about psychic ability yourself so you can better discuss what is happening with the child. If you aren’t willing or able to do that, find a knowledgeable person who can be of help.

8.  Chances are good that if a child is having psychic experiences, she is probably sensitive in more tangible areas. She may react badly to food additives and other environmental chemicals such as clothes detergent and cleaning products. If that should be the case, you would obviously want to eliminate as many of these items from her environment as possible.

9.  Whenever possible, get outside “in Nature” with the child; take her to the beach, for a walk in the woods or for an evening of skywatching. Such excursions are often quite “grounding” for these children, and generally improve their state of being, as well as providing excellent opportunities to discuss their experiences.

10.  Once again and most important: LISTEN – LISTEN – LISTEN!



The concept of the human aura — a “cocoon” of energy surrounding the body — is certainly not new, and through the years has been the subject of much metaphysical and scientific investigation.   Because they are comprised mainly of electromagnetic energy vibrating outside the visible light spectrum, however, seeing auras requires some practice.

Auras are produced by the chakras of the body as they perform their normal functions, as well as by one’s thoughts and emotional state.  They are, therefore, constantly changing. The the aura is different from the the “Life Color” which stays the same throughout your life and is related to the overall frequency of your body.Carylaura

The ability to see auras can be highly useful — particularly if you wish to develop your healing abilities — because the colors of a person’s  aura can reveal a lot about that individual’s mood, intentions and physical health.

With a bit of practice, you can quickly learn how to see the aura’s first layer, the one closest to the skin. That layer is a faint gray or white and it radiates outward only about an inch.  As you practice regularly and “improve your vision”, you may eventually be able to see the complete aura, which extends three to four feet away from the body and is “in living color”!  My book Colorology: The Science of Color is a good place to learn about the meaning of each of the colors you may see.

1.  Setting the stage
Find somewhere to sit or lie down where you won’t be disturbed. The lighting in the room should be fairly dim, although not dark.  Edgar Cayce recommended candlelight.  Auras are most easily seen against a plain white or greyish background.

2.  Relax
Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and relax.  If you have a regular meditation practice, use it to relax your body and mind.

3.  Seeing your own aura
Hold your hands in front of you with the palms facing each other, a few inches apart.  Begin observing them, using your peripheral vision (auras are easier to see when you’re looking out of the corner of your eye, so to speak).  As you observe the space between your hands, you may gradually become aware of flickering waves of energy, which will normally be white or greyish in color, although you may see brighter colors as well.

When you’ve learned to perceive the energy around your hands, try looking at yourself in a full-length mirror. Direct your attention with your peripheral vision to a point just beyond your head (that is, its reflection in the mirror).  When you can see the aura around your head area, you may be able to discern some colors, which may change quite dramatically in response to your thoughts and mood.

4.  Seeing another person’s aura
Someone giving a speech or lecture is a good subject on which to practice; because a person in that situation is usually very intent/focused on what they are saying, his or her aura expands, thus becoming easier to see.  (Also, we often daydream or alter our consciousness when we listen to a lecture, which can help us relax.)

You might also find a volunteer to stand or sit in a chair 6-8 feet in front of you.   Again, a plain white or neutral background is best.

Focus your eyes on the person’s head, somewhere between the bridge of the nose and the top of the hairline, but become aware of the area around the subject’s head and shoulders that you can see peripherally.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any colors; many people who are learning to see auras find that the ability to discern colors takes longer to develop. Also, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see anything at all on your first attempt.  Remember that you’re opening up to a new mode of perception.  With strong intention, consistent attention, and practice, practice, practice, you’ll get there.  Be patient with yourself and have fun!

Energy Healing

handsonhealing8Because we are alive, we “vibrate”, and we emit energy (variously referred to as Life Force, Qi, Chi, prana) which we can share with each other.   It’s called hands-on-healing in the Bible and more commonly known today as Energy Healing.   As Theraputic Touch, it is taught to nurses for use in hospitals and hospices.  There are many different forms of energy healing:  Reiki, accupuncture, accupressure, color/light therapy, reflexology, Quantum-Touch, Qigong, sound therapy, crystals and prayer, to name a few.

Life force energy is an effective tool for healing because of the principles of resonance and entrainment. In physics, entrainment theory posits a process in which two objects, vibrating at different speeds, start to vibrate at the same speed when energy is transferred between them.   Entrainment shows up in chemistry, neurology, biology, medicine, and more — for example, crickets will chirp in unison and fireflies will flash at the same time.

This type of healing can be administered in person or at a distance.  This idea is quite compatible with theories of quantum physics, in which there are no time/space barriers.  In quantum physics, separated subatomic particles communicate instantaneously.  Theoretically, particles can affect each other at far ends of the galaxies.  It’s not magical or mystical – it’s just how things work!

Energy healing actually provides healing for the practitioner, as well as for the recipient.  The key is for the practitioner to conduct Life Force through his or her body, rather than using their own energy.

Here is a simple, basic way to share the Life Force with others.  Know that LOVE magnifies the energy and makes it more effective in healing.

1.  Begin by quieting and centering yourself
Take a few deep breaths, then spin your chakras.  You may want to ask your Angels, Guides and Helpers to guide you.

LuminousChakraChart2.  Build your energy
Imagine your body filling and overflowing with Life Force energy coming through the top of your head and the bottoms of your feet.  Rub your hands together to focus and build the energy in your hands.

3.  Prepare the recipient
Have the person sit or lay comfortably, take a few deep breaths and relax.  Ask them to allow and imagine the energy flowing into their bodies and give you permission to share your energy.

BodyPoster4.  The process
I recommend balancing the recipient’s chakras first, by projecting energy of the appropriate color to each of the seven energy centers, beginning at the base of the spine with the color red.

If the recipient is in your presence, you can actually touch them, or simply hold your hands close to them.  Imagine energy pouring from your hands into the chakras (see graphic above).  If you are doing distance healing, you can simply imagine the process.

After balancing the chakras, I recommend that you go to the area that is in need of healing, if you know it, and focus your energy in that area.   If not, simply place your hands on or above the top of their head or shoulders and imagine the energy flowing to the place in the body that it innately knows is in need of healing.

Do this until you feel you are complete.

That’s it!  As I said, it’s not magical or mystical, it’s simple and natural.  (That’s why your children come to you when they’re sick, hurt or tired – they know you have it!)  Try it the next time you see someone in pain – you’ll probably be amazed at the response.

P.S.  It works for your pets too!

Instant Recognition

instant recognitionMany of us have had this unsettling experience…

You meet someone for what you believe is the first time, but it feels like you’ve known him or her forever – time seems to stop. This person feels “familiar” in some strange, ancient way, there is a deep recognition and you feel uncontrollably drawn (or repelled) by each other. You may be the same or the opposite sex. You may both be aware of it or just one of you.

There are various levels of “intensity” of this experience. Sometimes it is so intense and all-consuming that previously happily married people are willing to quickly uproot their lives and those of their families so that they can be with this “familiar” person – at all costs. Or the feeling is so negative and repugnant that you can’t wait to get away from the person.

Children have these feelings too, although they don’t usually verbalize them. You may notice an unexplainable, natural attraction (or repulsion) to one person or another by the child.

“Instant recognition” can also happen in a particular geographical location – that feeling of having been there before, although you know you haven’t – in this reality.

The more awake your psychic abilities are and/or the more in touch with your emotions you are, the more likely and frequently you are to experience “instant recognition”. People with a Violet Life Color tend to have this experience frequently.

We will explore a few of the possibilities of the source of this overwhelming sense of familiarity (I’m sure there are many more) and how we can explore these relationships (or places) to enhance our spiritual growth, for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Love at First Sight
We experience different kinds of “love” in our lives – for our mates, children, family, friends, co-workers, pets – even certain locations. When we first feel this “instant recognition”, it is often the most intense, confusing feeling that we have ever experienced. Because we have no societal reference for “instant recognition” type of “love” or this intense, unusual feeling, we often relate it to “mate” love.

This bond is often referred to as a “soul mate” which conjures up a variety of definitions, however, generally it refers to someone you are destined to be with and/or have known before. Some believe we can have many “soul mates”, others believe we only have one.

Unfortunately, from my experience of doing thousands of readings over the past twenty-two years, often when a couple quickly gets together based on “instant recognition”; when the dust settles and they have time to “really” get to know each other, they sometimes don’t even like each other and they have nothing in common other than this “feeling”.

Just because you have an “instant recognition” with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw your current life out the window to be with that person. Explore first!

This is not to say that “Love at first sight” doesn’t happen. I personally experienced this the first time I saw my husband, Parker. It took him five days until our first date to figure it out, but once he recognized it, he could feel it too. Sixteen years later, we still feel like newlyweds.

The big question…Is this to be my mate, a karmic payback (what goes around, comes around), a reuniting of dear old friends or just a brief “Hi…again”? It’s likely more than one of those options.

Past life
Probably the most common explanation for “instant recognition” is that you knew each other in a past life. That requires a belief in the concept that we have lived before and that we reincarnate with the same people in order to resolve karma, learn and grow spiritually.

There are many stories, particularly from Dr. Ian Stephens’ research, which appear to prove the concept of reincarnation. For example, the much publicized story of the little boy who was obsessed with World War II airplanes and was even able to remember his name, the name of his friends, how he died and many more details of his previous life that they were able to verify.

I have asked for details, during my readings, for the connection/lessons between two people and I am shown a vision of two people interacting. I can usually feel the emotions of the people and see what is happening around them. When I describe what I am seeing, feeling and sensing and the lessons being experienced to my client, often they say they are now dealing with the same issues I perceive in the vision.

Some say past, present and future is a concept we on earth made up and time is simultaneous – that can be a hard concept for many of us to wrap our heads around.

Some believe that with the help of our Guides and Helpers between lives, we design a blueprint, during the planning stage, for our next life, so we can learn the lessons our soul needs. Perhaps we are recognizing the people we have planned to meet in this life.

Another Dimension – Parallel Universe
Quantum mechanics propose the existence of other dimensions beyond what we perceive with our five, physical senses. Some now believe that every decision we make creates a different reality and is being played out in another dimension or universe. Perhaps these are people we some how recognize from lives we are leading in another dimension.

Aspect of Self
Perhaps these “other people” are another aspect of our Higher Self, split off to provide our Higher Self with yet another opportunity to grow, living another life simultaneously.

Compatible Frequency
Everything is energy – including us – each vibrating at a particular frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum within one of the seven colors of the rainbow. This is the “Life Color” concept that my readings are based on. Perhaps this recognition is a feeling of the resonance of “compatible frequency” – they are within our same “Life Color”.

We all dream – even if we don’t remember them. Perhaps we recognize these people from a previous dream.

Precognition is knowing something before it happens. Everybody’s psychic – Perhaps you have particularly developed precognitive abilities and you have had a flash or vision of the person appearing in your life.

Soul Family
Some believe that we have a Soul Family that we repeatedly reincarnate with in order to learn and grow. They believe that we make an agreement between lives to return to the earth to resolve karma and develop spiritually.

Prior Meeting
We pass by people all the time that we don’t really see or focus our attention on. Maybe you actually did see or meet them before and just forgot.

So what do we do when we experience an “Instant Recognition”?

Be totally present
Pay close attention to all the details. Carefully observe your surroundings and what is being said. Notice their and your body language.

Focus on their eyes
Make as much eye contact as possible (the eyes are window to the soul, some say).

Talk & Listen
See where the conversation takes you – notice what similarities or differences there are in your lives. Listen carefully for clues.

There are many ways to meditate. You don’t necessarily have to OM in the corner, cross-legged. You can stare at the water, a candle, the sky or a tree; jog, walk, sit or lie quietly. Be comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths, spin your chakras and calm down.

Ask your Guides, Helpers and Loved Ones in Spirit for assistance.

Bring to mind the person, remember their eyes, the feelings, sensations and conversation.

Take another deep breath and allow the thoughts and images to come. Don’t judge them, just watch and remember (you may want to have a paper and pen handy). You may see images, hear voices, smell fragrances or feel sensations – take note of everything. What are you wearing? Can you guess where you are? What is the date? Remember it will probably feel like you are making it up, but just go with it and see where it takes you.

When you feel complete with the experience, take a deep breath, thank your Helpers, return to normal awareness and journal your experience as soon as possible.

Recording your first sight, conversation, feelings and recollections or flashes, along with follow-up interactions, may help you remember details of your connection. Journaling the entire experience can be helpful in gaining a larger perspective.

Hypnosis by a trained, skilled Hypnotherapist can be helpful in unraveling past life connections.

Take your time
Spend time with the person, including long conversations, asking lots of questions and listening to find out who this person is NOW. If you are meant to be with this person as a mate, chances are the Universe will wait long enough for you to get to know them first.

We are infants in our knowledge of how the Universe really works. We get bits and pieces from science, near-death survivors, psychics and channelers, ancient writings, religions and our own innate intuition. Each person creates a belief system based on their own personal knowledge, experience and understanding.

Take your pick of the possibilities or come up with your own, perhaps more than one explanation applies. I invite you to take your time and explore the possibilities. What can you learn from and how can you help each other?

Power of Journaling

JournalGIFJournaling is the practice of keeping a diary or record that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of one’s life.  It is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development.  By getting your thoughts out of your head and in writing, you can gain insights you otherwise might miss.

It’s an excellent problem-solving tool.  You can hash out a problem and come up with solutions more easily on paper. Journaling about traumatic events helps one process them by fully exploring and releasing the emotions involved.  And because both hemispheres of the brain are engaged in the process of journaling, an experience can be more fully integrated in one’s mind.

How do I begin?
Buy a notebook, blank-page, bound book or if you prefer, use your computer.

It is important to write on a consistent basis, if possible, and integrate journaling time into your daily routine.

Relax, let go and let it flow.  Just begin writing, and the words should come. If you need some help getting started, here are some topics to begin the process:

  •     Thoughts & feelings
  •     Daily insights & events
  •     Dreams
  •     Life Purpose
  •     Childhood memories
  •     If you had three wishes
  •     What you are grateful for
  •     Problems or life challenges

Keep Your Journal Private
If you’re worried that someone else may read your journal, you’re much more likely to self-censor, and you won’t achieve the same benefits from writing. To prevent the worry and maximize journaling effectiveness, you can either get a book that locks or keep your book in a locked or very hidden place. If using a computer, you can password-protect your journal so you’ll feel safe when you write.

Signs, Synchronicity & Coincidence

coincidence2Synchronicity – a term coined by Carl Jung to describe coincidental happenings and fortuitous events that act as a coming together of our inner and outer worlds, and that ultimately impact us in a way that allows us to feel we are a part of the greater whole of the Universe.

Synchronicity is how the Universe (or God, Angels, Helpers or whatever metaphor works for you) arranges situations for your desires to manifest. When you focus on your intent, the Universe starts arranging the timeline of events to make it happen.
Here are some simple steps to help you fully utilize the magic of synchronicity:

1.  Decide what you want – Set your Intention, be clear and remember to “be careful what you wish for — you just might get it”!

By now we’ve all heard about the “Law of Attraction” which, simply stated, declares that “where your attention flows, your energy goes”, and that this process essentially is how you create your reality.  Once you understand that coincidences are opportunities created by intent, every coincidence naturally becomes a gateway to the fulfillment of your desires. The Universal Mind coordinates and synchronizes the process; what we call “luck” is simply the flow of coincidences that make possible the manifestation of what you want.

2.  Balance your energy – Balance your chakras, meditate, be open and receptive.  When you are in that state, it is easier for you to recognize the sychronicities/coincidences and act upon them.

3.  Pay attention – Songs, dreams, billboards, bumper stickers, books, magazines, what people are saying to you — even minute details such as names, colors, and numbers, and how they are connected with what is happening in that exact moment — can all be “3-D” signs that your thoughts and desires are in the process of manifesting. The more you focus on coincidences, the more you attract coincidences into your life. The more unlikely a coincidence is to happen, the more potent the clue and the more powerful a message it is about the path the Universe has planned for you.

We can choose to ignore these “signs” and hurry on through life, or we can stop and pay attention to them.  When we ignore one of these messages, the Universe “resends” it; we keep seeing, hearing or feeling the same information, perhaps in different forms, until we “get it”.  There are no coincidences in life, only moments of heightened awareness.  When you’re at peace within yourself, you notice more and have the capacity to absorb more outside of yourself.  Your job is to pay attention.

4.  Journal – Keep track of the synchronicities.  Keep a means of recording them with you at all times, whether it’s a modern electronic device or simply a notebook and pen.  When you experience synchronicity, see signs or get hunches, write them down, and review them at the end of the day.  In a very short time you should be able to connect the dots right to your answered prayer.  Trust your Intuition!

5.  Go with the flow – You know you are in the flow when struggle disappears, events fall into place naturally and easily, and you appear to be in the right place at the right time. Doors to fortuitous opportunities seem to open without effort. People come into your life that offer exactly what you need.  Apparent “mistakes”, seen from the point of view that all things happen for a purpose, become gifts leading you to life-changes you need to make.

6.  Be patient – Trust that your intentions will come to fruition when the time is right.

7.  Be grateful – If you want to attract coincidences, ramp up your sense of appreciation for life’s simple and ongoing miracles.

Clairsentience (Clear-feeling)

  •  psychiccouples2    Did you ever get the feeling that someone was staring at you, then look around and discover that you’re right?
  •     Have you ever just “known” something was wrong with a loved one?
  •     Have you ever met someone for the first time and just not like them?
  •     Do you ever experience overwhelming negative feelings which seem to have no cause?

These are all examples of clairsentience – the ability to sense things unseen by feeling, smell, taste or touch. It is perhaps the most down-to-earth of all the intuitive gifts. Most people use clairsentience on a daily basis.  You may call it a “gut feeling” or “instinct” which allows you to sense very quickly whether or not you like and trust someone, or whether you are physically safe, to name just two examples.

Clairsentients pick up an impression and transform it immediately into a feeling. Such people often put great stock in how a situation “feels” to them. Their sense of touch is usually well developed. They have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel — in other words, they’re empathic. For example, when sensing a negative situation a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive situation may feel comfortable, safe, peaceful and/or “light”. Learning to discern positive and negative energies can make all the difference when making decisions in life.

People with this faculty may be thought of as “psychic sponges”, because they literally soak up everything in their environment. It is possible they will pick up on other people’s health challenges and this can be a heavy burden.

Protection for a Clairsentient – White Light of Protection
Being a psychic sponge can be detrimental physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually –unless you learn to protect yourself energetically. One way to do this is to imagine a flame or light in your heart – your “Life Force” – the energy of Love. Imagine it spreading throughout your chest, arms, body and legs, then expand it out to create an egg around your body. This is sometimes called the “White Light of Protection”. Negative or unwanted energy will simply bounce off your “egg of protection”.

Exercise #1
Ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well, but who is completely unknown to you.

Close your eyes, relax, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Look into the eyes of the person in the photo and tune into their energy….How did they feel at the moment the photo was taken? If this is the first time you have consciously used your clairsentience, you may just pick up on a basic negative or positive “vibe”.

Ask yourself what this individual is like as a person. Would you trust him or her? Is there anything else the person’s eyes reveal to you?
Write down any feelings, ideas or impressions you receive, no matter how inconsequential or strange they may seem to you. Don’t try to “think” – relax, breathe and “feel”.

Now check with your friend. How accurate were you?

Note:  This is how I am able to do Psychic Readings for people over the phone. It really doesn’t matter if they are in my presence or not.

Exercise #2
Have your partner recall a past event, place or person, focusing on details as powerfully as possible, seeing and feeling all that s/he can, for about five minutes.

Meanwhile, close your eyes (so that you aren’t reading facial expressions or body language), and after the five minutes has elapsed, tell your partner what you sensed about how s/he felt, within the context of the memory. If you get any visuals or anything else, share that as well, but the primary goal should be to feel what the other person is experiencing.

Record your experiences in your journal, noting hits and misses and what you learned. The more you exercise, the more you will develop this innate ability.

Neuromuscular Feedback

Dowsing, Pendulum, Muscle Testing, Kinesiology or Neuromuscular Feedback, as it is currently called, are all names for the same thing, simply different techniques.

The ancient art of dowsing has been practiced for centuries; although the names used to identify it may have differed in various cultures and eras, the techniques have not.

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Engineer Raymond C. Willey, who helped found the  American Society of Dowsers in 1961, published the book “Modern Dowsing” in 1970.  In it we find one of the best definitions of dowsing I’ve come across:  “Dowsing is the exercise of a human faculty, which allows one to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses of sight, sound, touch, etc.”

You may have heard of finding water with a forked stick; your chiropractor may have used kinesiology (neuromuscular feedback/muscle testing) to help determine the appropriate supplement or adjustment for you; or you may have seen someone in the health food store using a pendulum to determine which item to purchase.   These are current, well-known uses for dowsing.

You can use Pendulum Dowsing to

  •     determine a yes or no answer
  •     determine a specific answer using a chart like the one above that I use when
    determining a person’s Life Color during a Psychic Reading
  •     locate a lost object
  •     find a new place to live using a map
  •     measure the energy level of your chakras
  •     choose your supplements

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that, through your involuntary muscle responses, receives information from the vibrations (energy waves) emitted by people, places, thoughts and things in this and other “dimensions”.

Just about anyone can learn this useful skill.  Any weight on the end of a string or chain held between your first finger and thumb can act as a pendulum, as long as it can swing freely.  It can be something as inexpensive as a string and a fishing weight, or as expensive as a precious stone on a gold chain.  What’s most important is that it feels “right” to you.

CLEAR INTENT is crucial when dowsing.  Once your intent is set, “empty your mind” and relax; a meditative state is most advantageous to good dowsing.

Begin by allowing the pendulum to swing freely, as you hold the string in a relaxed manner.  It may be helpful for stability to rest your elbow on a table.  Say, “show me a yes”.  The pendulum should begin to change direction.  It may go forward and back, side to side, or rotate in a circle one way or the other.  Then say, “show me a no”; this should produce the opposite movement to your “yes”.  Continue this process until you get the same distinct reactions each time for yes and no.

Next, ask a simple question  to which you already know the response.  For example, I might say, “My name Caryl?”  Compare the pendulum’s response to your “yes” reaction in the first step.  Then ask a “no” response question, like “My name Tom?”  Continue asking yes and no questions until you gain confidence in the accuracy of your answers.

Once you’ve mastered the yes/no process, you can move on to using charts or maps.  HERE is a website with some fun, free dowsing charts you can use.

You can map dowse by taking a map of the area in question and dividing it into quarters.  Point at one quarter of the map and ask, for example, “Is it for my highest and best good to move to this area?”  Wait for a clear response; if it is “yes”, divide that quarter into quarters and repeat the process.  Continue until you narrow the area down as far as possible.  You can also find lost objects in your home by drawing a diagram of your home and pointing from room to room until you narrow it down.

Remember, the key to accurate dowsing is CLEAR INTENT.  Be as explicit as possible about the information you desire.  Remember, the Universe has a sense of humor!

Finger/Hand Dowsing
You can also use your fingers as a dowsing tool, and that is the exercise we will explore this month.

Touch the findowsinghandger tips of your left ring finger and thumb and make a circle.  Place your right index finger inside the center of the circle.

Ask a yes or no question, then attempt to break the connection between the left ring finger and thumb with your right index finger.  If the answer is “yes” it will be more difficult to break the connection, i.e. you will be stronger.  If the answer is “no”, your index finger should easily break the connection.

You can use this process to answer any yes or no question you may have or to discover if something would have a positive or negative affect on you.

Experiment with this process- you’ll be amazed!


Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Kinesiology or Muscle Testing is another form of NeuroMuscular Feedback.  Websters Dictionary describes it as “the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement”.  It is effectively utilized by many Chiropractors and other progressive healthcare professionals, but can also be used by anyone.


Body Dowsing

body dowsing2You can even use your entire body as a dowsing instrument! Here’s how:

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart with knees slightly bent, arms at your sides. (Some believe facing North will enhance results.) Take a deep breath, release any emotional turmoil, be at peace, close your eyes, then ask your question as succinctly as possible, in a form requiring a “yes” or “no” answer.

Serenely contemplate your question (or if you can, empty your mind completely) as you stand relaxed, breathing quietly and naturally. Observe the motion of your body. You should within a few seconds notice an involuntary tipping, forward or backward. Forward means YES, backward NO. If you tip to the right or left, or don’t tip at all, rephrase the question (remember, yes or no answer) and try again. Clarity of intent is important! Sometimes answers may simply not be available, but dowsing techniques improve with practice, so don’t give up easily!

Remember, everybody’s psychic! This is another quick and easy way to tap into those innate abilities. Give it a trial run, and keep a record of the results. See how psychic you can be!


Remote Viewing

psychic13In the mid-20th Century, the U. S. Department of Defense sponsored a then-secret “spy” protocol called Remote Viewing, which strove to develop teachable methods of gathering intelligence data psychically.  You can read the public history of “government” involvement in remote viewing HERE.

The definition of “Remote Viewing” has evolved through the years to include many aspects of psychic ability, particularly clairvoyance (clear-seeing) and telepathy.  Remote viewers “see” objects, events and scenes hundreds or thousands of miles away by closing their eyes and focusing.

1.  Have a friend select several clear, interesting photos containing strong shapes, lines and colors and seal each in a separate opaque envelope (it is important that nothing of the contents shows through to the outside). Your friend should also number the envelopes sequentially from “1” to whatever the highest number is.  The photos should not be too complex, but striking enough that they will hold some interest to the remote viewer’s subconscious mind (which is heavily involved in the process). It is also helpful if the photos differ as much as possible from one another, so when the session is over it is easier to tell from the often partial results produced by a beginner’s RV process which photo the viewer has described.

2.  Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for an hour or so.  Place a pencil or pen and paper in front of you.

3.  Relax, take a few deep breaths, balance your chakras and empty your mind.

4.  Randomly choose an envelope and write that number on your paper.

5.  Focus your energy and attention on the contents of the envelope.  Draw and record any images, color, shapes, texture or smells that come.   True remote viewing signals are often vague, fuzzy and indistinct;  lines and shapes are also often important.

6.  Open the envelope and compare what you perceived.  Watch for metaphors too.  Record your “hits”.

Here is an example of a type of Remote Viewing I experienced.   A client wrote:

“You told me my husband would get a job in a hotel with a large, two-story atrium with lots of plants.  The hotel owner owns other hotels as well.   It will pay less than he wants, but it is okay, because there will be a possibility for promotion and transfer to another hotel later.  You said it would be in California (which I really didn’t like), but I would love my new home that has lots of light and french doors.  You said all three of our houses would go at the same time.”

“Everything you said came true exactly with my husband’s job and I really do love our new home which is exactly as you described – in California!  Our attorney advised us today that all three upside down houses should be let go back to the banks.  I was wondering how they could all go at the same time.  Thank you, again, for your insight and confirmation – you’re the best!”

It’s always my goal to give my clients practical information that will help them in their life right now.  I believe that what I “see, feel or hear” are probable realities.  We each have free will and can change anything a Psychic may perceive.  The more people involved, the more possibilities there are.

Remote Viewing Test
International Remote Viewing Association 

Guides, Helpers & Angels

guardianangelNearly every spiritual tradition harbors the belief that we have unseen helpers of some sort that can and will assist us when we’re in need, if only we will ask.

So how do you ask?  An excellent time to initiate contact with your helpers is just before you go to sleep.  Clarity counts — it may help to write down your request or question.   As you’re falling asleep, repeat your question or request over and over in your mind.

As with affirmations, the more (appropriate) emotional energy, or “charge” you have on the question or desire, the greater the likelihood of a prompt response.  Just keep in mind that time as we know it apparently doesn’t exist “over there”, so persistence counts, too:  don’t give up if nothing happens right away.  Also be aware that the answer may come in various ways — in dreams, waking visions or inspirations, psychic “hits” or even on a billboard.  Be alert for clues from unexpected sources.

Of course, helpers (like “guardian angels”) are often also available in emergencies. Sometimes they seem to know what we need before we ask, and the response precedes the request!  But however it comes, don’t forget that nothing holds the channels of communication open better than love and gratitude.

Once you feel you’ve connected with a guide or helper, naming it is a helpful way to maintain and improve contact.

This process can be of great help to anyone, whatever their belief system.

After-Death Communication

thin veils2Researchers claim that 50-75% of grieving spouses have a “visitation” or After-Death Communication (ADC) from their deceased loved one, sometimes during sleep-time and sometimes fully awake.

A sleep-time “visitation” usually “feels” different from a “dream”.  Often visitations occur during an unrelated dream and the deceased person suddenly appears, looking as they did in the prime of life, healthy and happy.  Often, they have something to say.

On both occasions when I was joined by a deceased loved one in the dreamtime, I was overwhelmed by the “realness” of the experience — my “visitors” felt physically tangible when I hugged them.  I kept repeating, “You feel so REAL”.  They both laughed and said, “I AM real!”

Awake or asleep, you may actually “see” the person, feel their touch, hear their voice or smell their familiar smell.    Quite often these experiences elicit a peacefulness and even a comforting sense of closure, evoked by the realization that the deceased are “okay” (which is often their message).

If you have had a visitation from a deceased loved one, know you are not alone and you are not crazy.  It’s another “fact of life”, one about which we are finally beginning to talk openly.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, know that your grief can act like static to the connection – as your energy calms, it will be easier for the connection to be made.

Psychic Caller ID

calleridHere is a very simple exercise you can do to exercise your natural psychic ability.

When the phone rings, before you look at caller ID – guess who is on the phone.

It’s simple and a very effective psychic exercise!  You might want to keep track of your “hits”.

Practice!  Practice!  Practice!


trustClients frequently ask, “How can I trust my psychic input?”.

Ask your Guides and Helpers for assistance, balance your chakras, meditate and most importantly -Exercise your gifts! is my answer. And, of course, be grateful for all the blessings in your life.

The more you trust your psychic “hits” (which we all have – some recognize them more easily than others) and act on them, the easier it will be to become familiar and at ease with your primary mode of extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience).

It can be helpful to journal your “hits” and track your results. Validation is a powerful convincer.

Will you perceive incorrectly as you learn? Probably – but like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get. Some say, “There are no accidents or mistakes – only opportunities to grow”.

Astral Projection/Out of Body Experience

outofbody“Official” Definition of OBE:  Of or marked by the psychological sensation of perceiving oneself from an external perspective, as though the mind or soul has separated from and is observing the body.

Astral projection, or OBE, is a natural process.  Most people probably engage in such activity every night, but cannot remember doing so.  If you have ever experienced a jolting sensation upon awaking suddenly (usually from a dream), it is very likely you were having an OBE.

Nor is the phenomenon anything new.  Ancient Egyptian texts offer ample information about the soul’s ability to leave the physical body and travel at will.

Additionally, near-death experiencers often report OBE’s as an integral part of their adventures.  They recall looking down on their physical bodies after “rising” out of them.  They often report being able to visit loved ones while in this “non-physical” state, even reporting accurately in their accounts what those loved ones were doing.

Why would you want to have an OBE?
As a spiritual “learning experience”, the OBE is unparalleled.  It offers a personal experience of nonphysical reality, a safe and even fun way to expand one’s knowledge of “other dimensions”. One may contact deceased loved ones, travel to distant places, and/or even eliminate one’s fear of death by realizing there is more than this physical, 3-D world in which we are embedded.

Are there any dangers?
As President Franklin D. Roosevelt so famously said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” To learn astral projection, you must first put your doubts and fears to the side, as neither will help you to project successfully.  You will not be “possessed”, go insane, die or be hurt by demons, as those embedded in restrictive and fear-based belief systems often claim.  A “silver chord” connects your astral body to your physical body and protects you from any possible possession.  Any demons you might encounter are products of your beliefs and imagination; they can be “defeated” simply by projecting love at them.  (Once again, “Love is the answer”!)

Equally baseless is the fear of getting lost and being unable to find your way back to the physical body.  You have only to will yourself back into your physical body; should you be somehow sidetracked or delayed, simply request your Guides or Helpers to assist you.  If all else fails, you will simply fall back asleep and wake up later as you normally do.

Setting the Stage – Ask, Focus, Set your Intention
Surround you and your room with the “White Light of Protection”.  Ask your Guides and Helpers to assist in the process.  Be clear about your intention.  Tell yourself that you want to experience the joys and wonders of astral projection and travel. Believe it, feel it; let your intention dominate your awareness.  The goal is to allow your body to relax and go to sleep while your mind is silent yet consciously aware.  Tell yourself that you will stay awake during this process.

Relax your Body
Find a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be interrupted, preferably not your bed.  Lie on your back with your arms at your sides.  Begin to tell your body to go to sleep, starting with your feet.  As you begin to feel a wonderful, relaxed sensation in your feet, let it spread up your legs, up through your abdomen, chest, and shoulders, then down your arms – all throughout your body.  (You may start to feel a tingling sensation; you may feel as if your body is completely asleep, and you are weightless and relaxed.)  Once you are relaxed, allow your awareness to expand outward from your physical body; feel the air around you.

Focus on your Breathing
As you are relaxing, focus your attention on your breathing.  Listen as you steadily and deeply breathe in and out.  If thoughts (“monkey mind”) distract or disperse your focus, simply bring your attention back to your breath.  As you bring your attention back to your breath, if you notice you are no longer experiencing your breath, it means your body is asleep and your mind is awake, this is the perfect state to go out of your body.

Relax your Mind
Silencing the conscious mind  and realizing your body is asleep and your mind is awake is the key to a successful OBE.  Meditation, relaxation (as described above) or self-hypnosis are all helpful techniques. Again, focus on your breathing and let the thoughts that inevitably stream into your mind simply drift by, like leaves floating on a stream.  Focus on the stream, not the thoughts.

Using binaural beats is one of the most powerful ways of achieving an astral projection. Robert Monroe, the “father” of the binaural beat technology called Hemi-Sync, believed that one could achieve altered states of awareness by means of special frequencies and sounds meant to entrain the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Altering one’s brain state in this way enables consciousness to expand in ways impossible under “normal” everyday conditions.

Stretching Technique
This technique requires you to imagine that your body is stretching out. As you lay with eyes closed, focusing on your breath and relaxing, imagine your feet gently stretching, increasing in size.  Once you have a clear picture of your stretched-out feet, allow them to go back to their normal size and move on to your head.  Repeat the process, imagining your head expanding like a balloon, then returning to its normal size.  Go back and forth, allowing your feet and head to enlarge more each time, until you feel yourself expanded to the extent that you fill up your room.  You will eventually begin to feel as if you are floating, rising out of your body like a helium-filled balloon. This technique is very easy to practice and great for beginners.

What to Expect
Be aware of your vibrational changes. You may begin to feel a tingling or buzzing sensation, or changes in your body temperature; your heart rate may increase, or you may feel as if your entire body is vibrating.  Whatever you experience, embrace the sensation and allow it to continue. You may even hear a series of weird sounds such as voices, buzzing, popping, cracking or hissing.  Any or all of the above indicate that you are close to “take-off”, and your first out-of-body experience.

Allow these vibrations to subside; they usually peak in strength before you “pop out”.  Do not attempt to control or resist the sensations – they are harmless!   Even though theses feelings are unfamiliar and might fee scary, but they really are harmless.   Remember you are safe and this is part of going out of body.

After finally attaining their first successful astral projection, most people are shocked right back into their physical bodies by the experience of looking back at themselves.  All good guides to astral projection will advise you to stay calm, but that does not mean it’s easy to do!

One of the biggest mistake beginners make is asking “Is this it?” or “When is it going to happen?” – in other words, thinking – while they try to project is completely counter productive to what is required.  Again, you cannot force this experience; you must relax into it.  While doing so certainly requires a degree of self-discipline (practice, practice practice!), it does NOT require intellectualization.

As soon as you are out of your body, move away from it.  Visualize as intensely as you can a place or object that you cannot see directly – in other words, something that is not where you are, for example pretend to go to another room in your house, yard or grocery store and you don’t have to walk there  – you can fly!  Note all the details, sounds, smells, colors, and lines of the object or place you are visualizing, then allow your newly separated awareness to shift to that place or object.

I recommend journaling your experiences, so you will have a record of your experiences.

As with all psychic skills, practice and patience are key to success!  Enjoy the journey.


manifestation3Be careful what you ask for….you just might get it!

We’ve all heard that expression, and there is a great deal of truth in it.  (Here is an interesting video that gives a scientific perspective.)

Everything – including your thoughts – is energy.  Therefore, you feed energy to whatever you focus on.  What do you spend your time thinking or worrying about — things of which you want more, or less?

I invite you to make a list – first person, present-tense, positive statements about what you DO want. Avoid negative words such as “no”, “not”, “don’t”, and “can’t”.  And don’t forget to put plenty of love, gratitude and other positive emotions into the process!  Emotion is the most powerful energy of manifestation that we possess.

Be sure to add “THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER” to the bottom of your list – just in case the Universe has an even better idea.

Remember – Worry is an affirmation for what you DON’T want to happen.  Be careful what you focus your energy on.

KEY:  Focus your energy on what you DO want!

Treasure Mapping

A Treasure Map is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals.  It is comprised of images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life – in other words, that which you wish to manifest.

You probably live a very busy life, constantly bombarded by distractions.  Treasure Mapping can help you to cope — and to succeed — in that environment by making it easier to

*  Identify your vision and give it clarity.
*  Reinforce your daily affirmations.
*  Focus your attention on your intentions.

When you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.  It’s about energy and focusing that energy on what you DO want, rather than on what you DON’T want.

1.  Buy a large piece of poster board—blue or violet works especially well.

2.  Cut out pictures, words or phrases from magazines (or write or draw
them) that represent whatever you want to create in your life.  

3.  Paste them in collage fashion on the poster board.

4.  Place the poster where you can see it from your bed.  

5.  As your first and last act of each day, look at the poster.  See and FEEL
yourself having or experiencing your desires.  Get into the emotion of
how it will feel to have your dreams come true.

Try it for 21 days and see what happens – you’ll be amazed.  And please let us know what happens!

Deja vu

deja vuWe have all experienced it…..that sudden, eerily familiar feeling that you have been in the same place and/or circumstances before.

The term déjà vu was coined by a French psychic researcher, Emile Boirac (1851–1917) in his book L’Avenir des sciences psychiques (“The Future of Psychic Sciences”). The experience may include sensations (smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch), or be memory-based (you feel as if you’ve had this thought before, but you can’t remember when). Déjà vu is reported in many ancient texts. As much as 70 percent of the population, both children and adults, report having experienced it in some form. More incidents occur among people 15 to 25 years old than in any other age group. Déjà vu usually lasts only a fraction of a second whereas precognitive or other experiences will last longer.

Since déjà vu happens relatively rarely and randomly, it is difficult to study clinically; however, there is no shortage of proposed explanations:

•Hallucinations brought on by illness or drugs
•Temporal-lobe epilepsy
•Memory – Forgotten, which may even have occurred only seconds or minutes earlier.
Overlap between the neurological systems responsible for short-term memory and
those responsible for long-term memory.
•Vision – One eye may record what is seen fractionally faster than the other
•Brain – One hemisphere “being late” compared to the other one. Neurochemical
and some of my favorite, more magical possibilities…
•Precognition or Clairvoyance (foreseeing the future) – even a fraction of a second
•Past Life recall
•Dreams – Precognitive
•Time Travel
•A glimpse of yourself in another dimension

The possibilities are numerous and fascinating. Whatever the cause of the déjà vu phenomenon, if it feels bad (especially if it happens frequently and other symptoms are present), seek a professional diagnosis. If the experience is pleasant, enjoyable, one may well respond by seeking to explore it more thoroughly.

You can often recapture the feelings and notions associated with déjà vu simply by writing down everything you can remember of the experience as soon afterward as possible. Jot down who was present; where you were; what sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings you observed. The memories can later be brought back to a conscious level simply by reading your notes. Meditate on the details and ask your Guides and Helpers for input. See if there is a lesson for you in the experience.

Group Psychic Readings

1.  Find a willing group of people that knows little or nothing about each other.

2.  Begin with a brief introductory explanation of the exercise.
  Delineate the various types of psychic perception.  We may perceive information in several different ways.  No previous experience or training is required; this exercise is for everyone.  We are simply exercising our innate psychic ability.  Be sure everyone has paper and pen.

3.  Do a centering Guided Meditation, include a Chakra Balancing.

4.  Procedure
One attendee, chosen by a drawing, will come to the front of the room, state his or her name and ask, as briefly as possible and GIVING NO DETAILS, a question about an issue of concern in his/her life RIGHT NOW:

“I request insight into my ___________ (finances, health, career, marriage, love life, soul mate, grandchild etc.)”.  If the issue is about another person, do not indicate the gender of that person.

As the subject continues to focus silently on the stated issue — putting into it as much emotion as (s)he can — the rest  will, for a period of four minutes, focus their inner attention on it as well, with the goal of retrieving helpful information.  Without judgment, jot down any  “non-physical perceptions” — thoughts, words, feelings, sights, sounds, colors, any impressions at all — and use those notes during the “debriefing” part of the exercise. 

5.  Debriefing

Those who so desire will have the opportunity to share their insights with the rest of the group, as the subject confirms and/or clarifies.  The subject’s goal is to attempt to find how the input applies in some way — obliquely, directly, metaphorically, whatever.  As they do so, the others can take note of correspondences to and confirmations of what THEY got.  And of course you may share your input with the subject afterward.

6.  Journal

Be sure to record your personal results in your journal while all the details are fresh in your mind.

Psychically Controlling Sensation

psychicallycontrollingWe are powerful spiritual beings and it is possible — with practice, intention and attention —  to train our imagination to control our physical reality.  Consistent and systematic practice can empower you to begin controlling the things that affect your physical comfort — even making adverse conditions bearable.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths; quiet your mind and spin your chakras.

Imagine that your body feels cool, then cold, then freezing — shivering!  You may accomplish this by imagining being out in the snow and ice, or the feeling of taking a cold, cold shower.

Now imagine the opposite conditions:  feel your body warm, then turn up the temperature to hot.  Conjure up vivid images of searing deserts or forest fires.  The key to success in this process is to allow the images, memories and feelings to become as intense as you can make them, so that they “swallow” your attention!

If you feel yourself getting hungry or thirsty and for any reason you do not wish to eat or drink at that moment, do not dwell on how hungry or thirsty you are, but visualize yourself as having just polished off a hearty meal, or drinking a tall glass of your favorite beverage.

When you experience pain, do not increase it by thinking about it, but do something to divert your attention, and the pain will seem to decrease.   You can change the sensation of pain to cold (menthol) or warmth like a heating pad (my personal favorite).

You may not be successful at first, but be consistent and……Practice – Practice – Practice!


psychokinesis2Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability of a human being to affect objects, events, or people without using the usual intervention by the muscular system. It is often described today as the direct influence of consciousness on physical systems (i.e. ‘mind over matter’).

This exercise is an at-home experiment to test your  abilities, and perhaps work on developing them.

All you will need to conduct this experiment is a coin, preferably a quarter with clearly visible heads and tails (no cheating with two-headed or two-tailed coins allowed!). In this experiment, you will toss the coin 100 times, for three rounds. The goal of this experiment is to try and use PK to influence the outcomes of the coin toss. By chance, one should receive an outcome of approximately 50 heads and 50 tails. Your goal is to try and get a significant amount higher than chance would predict, for example, 65 heads.cointoss

Start by first tossing the coin 100 times and focusing on making it land heads-up. Be sure to record your results. Now toss the coin 100 times again, but this time trying to make it land tails-up. Again, record your results. For the third round, toss the coin 100 times, but do not try and influence it in any way (this is known as the control round). As always, record the results.

So, now that you’ve finished and have your results, how do you know if PK was at work? Well, as stated above, chance would predict that you would get about a 50-50 distribution in the results. Check your control round. Were these results about chance? Next check the results of your heads-influence round. Were you able to get a significant amount of heads over what resulted in your control period? What about your tails-influence period? Was that successful?

Do not be discouraged if any PK effects seemed minuscule, or not present at all, on your first try. Practice with the coin tosses. Work on developing a PK method to influence the results, then try again (this might consist of visualizing your desired result, mentally willing the coin to fall on the desired side, using hand motions–but not physical contact–to try and sway the coin, etc). After a while, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

This exercise from HERE

Photograph Exercise

photographsYou will need a partner for this exercise – Preferably one that you don’t know extremely well.

Each person is to bring to the exercise at least five photographs, with the face clearly visible, of people that are very well known to them, but not to your partner.  They can be in body or spirit.

I would recommend beginning with a few deep breaths and a chakra balancing meditation, followed by setting your intention to obtain verifiable information about the people in the photographs and asking your Guides/Helpers for assistance.

Take turns looking at the other’s photographs, one at a time, saying whatever comes to you – whatever impressions you might get.  Try not to filter, judge or hesitate – just say what comes.

You may hear, feel or see information.  If you feel stuck or pressured, just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the exercise.  You may feel like you are making it up – that’s normal – just trust the process.

Whoever’s pictures are being looked at should take notes.

When you feel complete, the other is to offer any validation or confirmation.

Be sure to record your experience in your journal and thank your Guides and Helpers.

Butt Cheek Squeeze

The “Butt Squeeze” doesn’t really qualify as a Psychic Development exercise, but it is one of the most important tools I ever learned in my life and I wanted to share it with my readers.

I’m an empath and cry very easily – mad, sad, happy or moved in anyway – I’m likely to be tearing.  It has been a source of embarrassment for me my whole life.  When I was lamenting the likelihood of my sobbing through my Mother’s eulogy, a friend offered this sage advice:

Girls can’t cry and squeeze their butt cheeks at the same time!  She said it doesn’t work for men as well as it does women.

I immediately started practicing and sure enough, it worked!  I got through the entire three page eulogy without sobbing.  I recommend practicing with commercials or other opportunities that aren’t critical, so when you need it, you’ll be able to remember and immediately “squeeze” before the tears start flowing.

Try it – it really works!!!



dreams2I often hear people say, “I don’t dream” or “I don’t remember my dreams”.  Researchers tell us that we all dream, whether we remember it or not.  In fact, we spend approximately one-third of our lives dreaming.  Even babies dream while still in the womb.

There are many different types of dreams.  Among them are:  precognitive (foreseeing potential future events), visitations (visits from deceased loved ones), out-of-body travel (visiting someone or someplace), inspirational (receiving original ideas or information), nightmares or terrors, recurring (which may also be precognitive or some other type of dream), lucid (realizing in your dream that you are dreaming), “ordinary” processing of daily events or emotional issues (perhaps the majority of most people’s dreams fall into this category), and messages from Guides and/or Helpers.

In this exercise, we focus on gaining insight from Guides/Helpers on a particular question or issue in your life.

1.  FOCUS – The first step in tapping into your dreams is to make a conscious decision to focus attention on them — in other words, decide that you WILL recall your dreams, starting NOW.

2.  PREPARE – Secure a notebook and/or a journal in which to record your dreams.  I keep a small spiral-bound notebook with a pen or pencil stuck in the spiral on my night stand, where I can easily reach it, to make quick notes during the night.  As soon as possible, I expand on the notes in my journal.  If it’s more convenient for you, use a portable audio recorder for this step, providing you can operate it easily in the dark!

3.  QUESTION – Choose a question with which you would like help, and write it down.  This will force you to be clear and concise about what you want to know, and will in turn make it easier for your Guides/Helpers to assist you.  Date the question for future reference.

4.  PONDER & ASK – As you fall asleep, mull over your question and ask for assistance.  If you have had trouble remembering your dreams in the past, simply repeat, as you fall asleep, the affirmation “I remember my dreams.”

5.  RECORD – During the night, whenever you wake up remembering any part of a dream, no matter how strange or seemingly insignificant, immediately note everything you can remember, as succinctly as possible.  Just a few words should be enough to remind you of the dream later, when you can expand on it.  Note especially feelings, vivid images or impressions.  If you can make your notes with your eyes still closed — and without moving significantly from the position in which you awakened — more of the dream may come back to you.  Regardless, the sooner after awakening that you make your notes, the better your recall will be.

6.  CONTEMPLATE – When you have time (again, the sooner the better), relax, take a deep breath, spin your chakras, read your question and then review the previous night’s notes.  Try to remember as many details of your dreams as you can, such as the emotions you felt, location, colors, others present, and the dream environment.  Ponder how the dream might apply to your question.  You may need to stretch your imagination to find an answer, or it may be obvious.  Record whatever you get in your journal.

7.  PERSEVERE – It may take a couple of nights or even weeks, but if you are consistent and determined, your Guides/Helpers will most likely provide you with insight and information.   The more you do this, the better you will get at it (like all psychic exercises) and your Guides/Helpers will be able to communicate with you more easily.   Be sure to thank them for any assistance you receive; also, relax and enjoy the process.  Also, go back and read your journal entries from time to time; doing so can provide additional insight.

RESOURCES – There are many books and websites on dream interpretation; however, I believe that you are your own best dream interpreter.  Here are a couple of websites concerning dreams that may give you some hints:

Dream Dictionary

Dreams – Visitations

visitationdreamsSpirits frequently come to their surviving loved ones in the dreamtime, perhaps because the conscious mind is “out of the way” when we’re asleep, easing the process of making contact.

Such experiences are quite vivid – more “real” than a dream, experiencers say – and may entail actual, volitional dialogue with the “visitor”.  Messages transmitted almost always involve reassurances that the deceased is “fine”, and may even include warnings or other information on subjects ranging from the personal to the global.  The spirits appear healthy and are almost invariably loving.  The experiencer usually awakens feeling loved, reassured and peaceful, knowing their loved one is not really “gone”.

If you have a genuine visitation in the dreamtime, you won’t wonder if the phenomenon is “real” or not – there’s no mistaking it for a standard dream.  You’ll never forget it!  (I speak from personal experience.)

Playing Card Exercise

playing cardsA regular deck of playing cards can be used to exercise your psychic abilities. Place the deck face down in front of you.  Now concentrate on the top card and try to picture if it is a red suit or a black suit card.

When you’re comfortable doing this exercise, move on to guessing if the card is a heart, club, diamond or a spade.  Then move on to “seeing” the exact suit and value of the card (ace of clubs, queen of diamonds, etc.).

Keep track of all your hits and misses.  The more you practice, the better you will get at predicting the card.

Zenner Cards

  1. zenner6    Purchase a package of 3×5 cards.
  2.     Draw a simple square, circle, triangle, plus sign or two wavy lines on each card, one to a card.  (These are called Zenner cards, named after Karl Zenner, who developed this process.)
  3.     Make five sets of cards, i. e. five cards with a square, five with a circle, and so forth.
  4.     Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
  5.     Now relax, breathe, concentrate, and intuit which card will come up next.
  6.     Keep track of your “hit“ percentage.  The more you do it, the better you’ll get.
  7.     If you want to do this exercise on-line, you can go here.

Zenner Cards – Partnered Exercise
Find a partner to practice with.  Using your Zenner cards from last month, one of you concentrate on the symbol on the card, while the other attempts to “receive” the image.  Take turns sending and receiving.  You may well be better at one or the other.

You can also do this exercise by cutting out pictures from a magazine and using them as focal points.  It’s especially helpful if you can conjure up emotion to go along with the picture.