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creativeloafingpicI believe we are all born with psychic abilities.  For one reason or another, those abilities often fade away, until and unless some event or process helps us regain them.

My “wakeup call” occurred in 1987, and I began doing readings in 1988.  As I have grown and changed, so have what I now call “Rainbow Psychic Readings.”  I call them Rainbow Psychic Readings because the foundation of my Readings is your “Life Color.

Type of Readings
I am a clairvoyant (seeing – a form of remote viewing), clairaudient (hearing – the voice/frequency I hear always sounds the same) and clairsentient (feeling) consultant. 

I do not use Tarot cards, however, I do use a pendulum to discover your “Life Color.” When I look into the future, I see, hear and feel what I now believe to be “probable realities.”  The more vivid my visions, the greater the likelihood that they will manifest – that is to say, if you and others involved in the events or issues in question maintain your present course, it is highly probable that what I clearly see will result, and sooner rather than later.  You can read some examples here.  

We have Free Will – therefore, nothing I see MUST come to pass.  You can always change your mind/heart/intent/energy — as can others — and so alter the outcome of any process.

When I look into the “past”, the information I get – whether it concerns past lives, other-dimensional realities or whatever — usually relates to issues with which my client is currently dealing.

“It is always my goal to give you practical information
you can use in your life right now.”

Phone, Skype or In-Person?
It really doesn’t make any difference to me, however, I do prefer phone readings.  The quality, accuracy and content is the same, no matter which way you choose to do it.

Readings are Recordedmp3recorder
I always record my readings, which not only allows my clients to stay in the moment with me, not having to take notes or try to remember what I said, but more importantly, so that they can listen to the recording later and hear what I “really” said rather than what they wanted (or didn’t want) to hear.  I recommend that you listen to the recording soon after the reading, then again in about thirty days — or as often as needed to refresh your memory. An mp3 recording will be emailed to you after your reading.

Intention Statement
I will begin your reading by making a statement of our intent:


Images and voice usually begin coming to me even while I’m uttering the statement.  This initial information often will answer one or more of your questions, and may well be the most important message in the reading.

LifeColorChart - newWebDiscover Your Life Color
We then determine your “Life Color” using a pendulum on a chart, if we don’t already know it.   I share with you how your “Life Color” is affecting your current life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Your “Life Color” is the foundation of your reading with me.

Bring Questions

Then you may begin asking your questions, as briefly as possible. I ask that before your reading you take some time to seriously consider and prioritize your questions.  I will answer as many as time allows. 

If you are having a phone reading, I ask that you be alone, in a comfortable, quiet and private location, and in a relaxed and open-hearted state. 

Please, when having a reading over the phone or Skype, call me promptly at the agreed-upon time!  If you are doing it in person, please be on time – not early.


Pictures are very helpful to me to tap into a person’s energy.

I ask that you email me a picture of yourself, if we are doing your reading on the phone.

If you wish to discuss someone else, I ask that you email pictures before your reading if we are doing your reading on the phone or Skype.  You can bring them on your phone or in print if we are doing your reading in person.



Typical Questions or Inquiries:

Vanishing Twins
The current, eyebrow-raising medical statistics indicate that as many as one in eight people begin life as a twin.  Obviously, nowhere near this many twins are born.  The discrepancy has been labeled The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon or Syndrome in medical literature.  The twin usually dies within the first six weeks, before anyone even knows it is there. 

This subject is near and dear to my heart, since I discovered I had a twin in utero that didn’t make it.  Like so many others, I knew something or someone was somehow missing from my life, and even finding a mate didn’t fill that emptiness, that lack.  I was led to do in-depth research on the VTP, and published Millennium Children which contains a great deal of information about the VTP.  There are specific characteristics that identify a person as a possible VTP survivor; that feeling that something is missing is only one of them.

I can use a pendulum to determine if you began life as a twin, and help you with the issues that may have resulted in your life.

I did a reading for a young man dying from AIDS.  He had been a twin, but didn’t know it until a couple of years before he died.  He had dreams of a man his whole life and thought it meant he was gay, so he pursued a gay lifestyle and contracted AIDS.  After I enabled him to connect to his twin, it put many of the pieces of his life together and brought him a measure of peace at the end. 

I want to move but I don’t know where. mapus
A map often appears to me, with little lights flashing with different intensities, indicating places where it would be most advantageous for you to relocate.  Often, I take a “psychic stroll” through your future dwelling, describing what I see.  I have been especially successful at this form of “remote viewing.”

A friend of mine wanted to move and asked me for advice.  I told her that a family with a young boy and girl would soon buy her current home (it was already up for sale) and request immediate occupancy, so she had better start packing!  I described her new home inside and out, including a strange stone structure in the backyard to the left, about a foot high and three feet long.  I had no idea what it was.  A month later she called to say the sale of her house went through exactly as I had said, right down to the two young children.  She had described the house I had told her about to a realtor friend, who called two days later to tell her she had found it.  The odd structure in the back yard was the remnants of an old well house. 

couple5Am I ever going to meet my soul mate?
The question I hear most often!  I believe we are “hard-wired” to go two by two and it’s a natural instinct to search for a compatible mate.  I do not believe we each have only one “soul mate,” but rather a number of people from whom we are here to learn, and/or with whom we have Karmic issues to “refine.”  When you know your Life Color, you will know what characteristics to look for in a mate and have a better chance of finding a compatible relationship.

Often a vision and a general “sense” of a person will appear, which I can describe to you, along with the circumstances of your meeting.

What is my life purpose?
I have had many clients who feel they are here for a specific “purpose or mission,” but have no idea what that might be.  Learning about your Life Color is the doorway to answering that key question.  Other helpful insights are often given.

I want to change careers, but to what?
Often I am shown a scene or “movie” in which my client is “starring.”  I report what’s  happening; the “movie” often points out gifts and aptitudes the client can bring to bear on career issues.  Your Life Color also reveals insights into your best careers.

meetingCan you give me any insight into my business?
I am often able to “see” the people and situations involved in a client’s current and future business dealings, and offer information and suggestions that can change the course of things. I have been called on to do a great deal of business and corporate consulting.  I have a great deal of practical experience in business administration, marketing and sales, which often comes into play as well.

I did a reading for a realtor who was testing me (he didn’t believe in “psychic stuff”), because I had given a friend of his (also a realtor) some very specific information about a piece of property.  I saw that he was looking at a piece of property that had a ditch along the front of it, and the house was set back off the street.  I told him there was something wrong with the zoning on the property and he had better check it before he proceeded.  He did and sure enough, there was a problem, and it was a mess!  He was very grateful that he had not purchased the property. 

farmWhat’s with my relationship with ________?
I often see what seem to be past (or concurrent/other dimensional) lives the person in question shares with the client.  The “movie” stops when I ask, “What is the lesson in this life for these people?”  I then describe the scene and what the people are doing and feeling.  This information almost always relates in some way to what’s happening in the relationship this lifetime and sheds some light on the issues involved.

The FREE profile on my Matchmaking page can be very helpful in manifesting “that special someone.”

I described to a client a man that she would encounter at a party or wedding near the water.  She responded, “I would never be attracted to someone like that!”   Two weeks later, she was at a wedding near the water and saw the man I described.  She went over and introduced herself; they are now engaged.  She said she would never have given him a second look had it not been for my reading.  Never say never! 

AfterlifelogoCan you contact my deceased loved one?
Mediumship is not really one of my specialties, however, since my Afterlife Communication Study, I can say, “yes, maybe.” There are no guarantees, however, often, I receive some meaningful impression or feelings from those in Spirit. I am mostly Clairsentient when it comes to contacting the deceased – I can often “feel” them.  

Note:  I find it interesting that I seem to be able to know about how long a loved one has been in Spirit – they “feel” different depending on how long they have been in another dimension – one week feels very different than five years.

The clairaudient voice/frequency I hear always sounds the same, so it can be difficult to know who is communicating at times.  I don’t usually transmit  specific messages from your deceased loved ones, consequently, I don’t claim to be a “Medium”.

Please provide a picture of the person (as late as possible in this dimension) if you are interested in connecting with someone close to you in Spirit and we can see what happens.

I recently did a Psychic Reading for a woman who asked if I could tell her anything about her deceased father or brother.

I asked her father’s name and immediately I got the overwhelming urge to sit up straight. I said, “Did he used to tell you to sit up straight a lot?” She laughed and said he was ALWAYS saying “sit up straight, stand up straight!” That was about all I got, but it gave her the confidence that I was communicating with him.

Then she said her brother’s name and I immediately heard “Accident!” and it kept being repeated over and over. I told her that and she explained that was a huge relief. It seems they were not sure if he had committed suicide or it was an accidental overdose of the numerous psychoactive drugs he was taking for depression and various other mental issues. She had spent the last 5 years feeling guilty that she was responsible for his death because of some things I won’t go into that occurred between them a few days before his death.

Hearing the word “accident” allowed her to let go of her guilt and she felt a huge relief.

I do not do medical readings.   However, I can usually scan the body to sense its overall “life force” and tell you the most sensitive areas of your body because of your “Life Color.”

BodyPosterChakra Analysis
That being said….I can also use a pendulum to measure the energy level of the seven primary chakras.

You have seven major endocrine glands (ancient texts refer to them as chakras or “wheels of energy”), which secrete hormones that support and direct the functioning of your body’s organ systems (reproductive, respiratory, circulatory, and so forth).  Each gland vibrates at the frequency of one of the seven colors of the rainbow.  Energy imbalances in these centers create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “dis-ease.”  I use a pendulum over a chart of the body that depicts the chakras to determine your current state of balance.  I then suggest to you what physical and emotional issues you are probably experiencing and how you might remedy them. 

loveLife Color Compatibility Readings
I use my pendulum to discover the Life Color of the participants in a relationship, be it personal or business, casual or intense.  By doing so I can help you to:

*Find a compatible mate.
*Discover the best way to communicate with the person or people in question.
*Better appreciate another’s perspective on life.
*Create happy, harmonious relationships.

A couple for whom I did a Compatibility Reading were considering divorce.  Once they both understood why the other acted the way he/she did, and what their respective “missions” were in this life, their relationship changed dramatically.  They stayed together and are now considering starting a family. 

guideshelpersGuides, Angels & Helpers
Clients often want to know about their guides, angels or helpers.  When I ask, these “spirit beings” will often tell me what their specific assignment is with my client, and even spell out a name.  While these spirits don’t necessarily even have names, I have been told that if my client says aloud the name I spell out, it creates a frequency that results in a better connection (the power of the word!).  I think also that the simple act of naming one’s guides “personalizes” them and aids in strengthening one’s link to them. 

egyptPast Lives
From my personal experiences and research, I am convinced there is something to the concept of “past lives.”  There are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of children who tell their parents about past lives.   We may not fully understand the concept, but past life information I have gleaned for clients has been very helpful in understanding their current relationships, issues and gifts. 

When I am asked about the past life connection of a particular relationship, issue or challenge, a “movie” begins in my head.  I see the people and location and what is happening – just as if I were watching it on TV.   I sometimes can sense the time frame, but usually have to guess by the dress and what I am looking at.  I then explain what is happening and the emotions involved, how that situation relates to today, and what is surfacing to be resolved or learned.

I did a reading for client who had unreasonable anxiety every time her husband was a few minutes late.  It emerged that in a past life, when he had also been her husband, he  had abandoned her in the woods to search for food and never returned.  Just having this information relieved my client’s anxiety. 

milleninum ch coverCan you give me any insight into my child?
They have been called “Children of the Blue Ray,” “Starseeds,” “Star Children,” “Crystal Children,” “Indigo Children,” and on and on; in our 1996 book,  we coined the term The Millennium Children.”  In the midst of what appears to be a great “shift” in consciousness here at the beginning of the third millennium, in the midst of all the great challenges human civilization faces, from war to pollution to poverty, a miracle is flowering. 

My investigation of this phenomenon indicates that appearing among us are an increasing number of children with a variety of quite remarkable intuitive, intellectual and physical abilities– clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairsentience, genius level IQ’s, highly acute senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight), and even very unusual physical strength.  They may demonstrate at an early age extraordinarily vivid memories of past lives; they may also recall life in the womb, as well as being “in spirit” before conception.  Frequently, they report interaction with “extraterrestrials” and other extraordinary dreamtime (and daytime) activities, including “imaginary friends.”  They have the ability to see beyond the visible light spectrum, which enables them to perceive auras, devas, fairies and ghosts.  Often the product of a difficult pregnancy (in some cases their mothers were purportedly unable to get pregnant), they may also have various physical deformities (clubfoot, scoliosis) or neurological problems.

While researching my book, I interviewed hundreds of parents, grandparents, therapists, teachers – and the children themselves.  I would be happy to consult with anyone attempting to help these children.

One mother I worked with, who didn’t really believe in “ESP and such”, had to change her ideas when her daughter began reading her mind and talking about past lives.  The mother had no idea other children were also doing these things.  It greatly reduced her anxiety to have information that empowered her to better understand and help her child. 


I have had the opportunity to sit bedside with a number of people at the end of their lives.  I have written a book, entitled Transition Planning: Complete End-of-Life Education & Resources, and therefore have a lot of knowledge about the practical and spiritual issues involved in dying.  It’s often difficult to discuss these issues with family members, since denial surrounds the subject of death in our society.  I would be happy to discuss any aspects of our natural passage to “the other side”, whether practical or spiritual. 

Note:  If you or someone you know is sitting bedside or anticipating the transition of a loved one, I highly recommend, Final Gifts, written by two hospice nurses.  Actually,I recommend it to everyone.  We will all be faced with the issue sooner or later – our and/or someone else’s.  It explains the magical things people do as they cross dimensions.

dance for me

UFOs & ETs
My Mother and sister saw a UFO in the 1960’s, and I saw one in 1990 (my book The Millennium Children has details).   I have been fascinated by the subject ever since.  In the process of compiling my UFO Reference Book, attending dozens of UFO conferences and interviewing dozens of experiencers and witnesses, I learned a great deal about the subject of UFOs and extra-terrestrial interaction.  I would be happy to discuss any aspect of this topic. 

I do not do exorcisms or depossessions.  If you are interested in that type of skill, I highly recommend Teri Lynge.

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