Caryl Dennis & Parker Whitman


Caryl (pronounced Carol) Dennis grew up in a haunted house where she watched dark shadowy figures walk around her bedroom, doors opening and closing and lights going on and off.   When she and her large family (many of whom experienced the phenomena too) moved from the house when she was sixteen, the activities stopped, to return at the age of thirty-seven.  She has spent her life attempting to understand what happened to her.

Caryl is the author of the nationally acclaimed book, Colorology: The Science of Color. She has been a Colorologist since 1987, when she began receiving telepathic communication concerning the physics of color and cosmology. Her desire to discover who was communicating with her led her to research the UFO phenomenon. In 1991, she compiled The UFO Reference Book (no longer available), which is a cross-referenced listing of approximately 1,000 anomalous events occurring throughout history, including government and medical coverups, as well as UFO-related occurrences.

While engaged in research involving extraterrestrial contactees who became geniuses, she came upon the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon (1 in 8 pregnancies begin as twins –seventy-five percent of the women pregnant with twins only deliver one baby). Her research revealed that many of the contactees were twins, were supposed to be twins, or had twins in their family. Through this research, Caryl discovered that she herself had a twin sister in utero who did not survive.  That discovery enabled Caryl to establish extra-dimensional telepathic contact with her “missing” twin, whose name is Karyl (pronounce Kuh-rill).  Karyl informed Caryl that her ever-expanding psychic ability is one result of the stimulation of the pineal gland that occurs in the process of that contact.

In January of 1997, Caryl, with her partner Parker Whitman, published The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift, which tells of her research into the growing number of children who are born retaining pre-birth memories and/or displaying marked psychic abilities, as well as the ability to see beyond the visible light spectrum (frequently, their other senses are highly developed, as well), and who often report contact with extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional entities.  Their IQs are usually in the genius range, and they display a variety of inventive and creative talents. The Millennium Children (subsequently referred to as Indigo Children) offers possible reasons for this consciousness “shift”, as well as the most extensive exploration of the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon in print at the time it was written.

Tools for the Shift is a workbook created by Caryl and Parker offering various practical techniques and tools to help you cope with a “shift” in your life whether it’s a divorce, change in careers, a move or whatever change you may be facing.

Caryl has been a guest on numerous radio and television talk shows including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and Ian Punnett and The Jeff Rense Program, presented hundreds of lectures, published many articles, interviewed hundreds of twinless twins and Millennium Children and done multitudes of Life Readings.  She also acts as the moderator of a Yahoo e-group for Vanishing Twins with over 500 members from around the world.

Parker Whitman, before teaming up with Caryl, was a professional actor.  He worked in film, television, industrials, and commercials, as well as on stage, during the twenty years he lived on the West Coast.  Shortly after moving to Florida in 1994, he met Caryl and decided life with her was more fun than “show biz”.  These many years have by and large proved that decision correct, as well as providing the opportunity to pursue his other artistic interests.  He also provided the cartoon illustrations for the Transition Planning e-book.

Caryl was the primary care giver for her father in 2002 while he was making his transition from cancer and then helped her mother organize her new life.  During this process she realized just how much she didn’t know about end-of-life issues.  Her research resulted in the CD and DVD, entitled Transition Planning: Complete End-of-Life Education & Resources.

The most frequently asked question during Caryl’s consultations is “When am I going to find my soul mate?”  Recognizing the need for such assistance, Caryl has developed a webpage entitled 21st Century Matchmaking; Latest Techniques & Technology for Finding Your Soul Mate.

Caryl and Parker have hosted the Metaphysical Meetup in the Tampa Bay area since 2005.

One of Caryl’s passions is to remind people that Everybody’s Psychic and offers many simple psychic development exercises on her website.

Caryl has been offering Psychic Readings professionally since 1990.

Caryl and Parker were married on June 26, 2005 and now live in Safety Harbor, FL.  Caryl offers Psychic Counseling in person in Downtown Safety Harbor, FL, at shows, parties and expos or by phone or Skype and lectures, researches, does service as guided, and generally enjoys life.

Listen to 2.5+ hours of Caryl
speaking about her “Shift” at a
Mutual UFO Network meeting
September 11, 2010