What’s Your Life Color?

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Your “Life Color” reveals, through the principles of color, information similar to that gained from an astrology reading:

  •     Physical & emotional strengths & weaknesses
  •     Special gifts, talents & attributes
  •     Passions & phobias
  •     Life lessons & purpose
  •     Best careers & much more

Your Life Color is the foundation of your Rainbow Psychic Reading with me.  It tells me much about you.

I believe that we are all part of what I call the great “Spiral of Life.” Spirals can be seen everywhere in nature: seashells, your fingerprints, galaxies, water going down your drain. DNA is the spiral blueprint for life itself. Humans receive half of their DNA from each parent. I believe we have each chosen parents whose combined DNA will vibrate at a level (a “Life Color”) resonant with this lifetime’s spiritual conditions and missions. At that frequency, we attract the particular experiences, lessons and challenges that will best enable us to develop spiritually.

The Life Color should not be confused with the aura or energy field; those colors fluctuate constantly with the ever-changing physical, mental and emotional energy states; the Life Color remains the same throughout one’s life.

How can you determine your Life Color? Dowsing with a pendulum, or muscle testing (neuro-muscular feedback/kinesiology) are both good ways to do it. Or you may recognize yourself in the description of the characteristics of the Life Colors. As in a rainbow, the Life Colors fade one into the other, so it is possible that a person may in a particular lifetime be “on the cusp”, and will recognize himself in two adjacent Life Colors.

Learning your Life Color can help you to understand your life issues and lessons, physical and emotional challenges, what your special gifts and talents are, and even what careers you’re best suited for.  It can also help you to better understand the people in your life.


“Life Color” Compatibility Readings

When “Life Colors” are understood in relationships (mates, potential mates, children, parents, friends & business associates) you can….

  • Find a compatible mate.
  • Know the best way to communicate.
  • Better appreciate their perspective
  • Create happy, harmonious relationships.

Bring the person along for the reading to get the ultimate benefit of this type of reading.  Minimum 60 minute reading with two people.

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