milleninum ch coverMillennium Children: Tales of the Shift
Caryl Dennis with Parker Whitman

♦  Amazing true stories of the Consciousness “Shift” to help the children (and their parents) know they aren’t alone

♦  Practical tips and resources to help a parent raise a “Millennium/Indigo Child”

♦  How and why are these children so exceptional?

♦  How can we help humanity’s future leaders?

♦  Vanishing Twin Phenomenon (Syndrome)

♦  Caryl’s life journey

By the time “Mark” was three years old his parents knew there was something decidedly “different” about him, and searched out an intuitive therapist for help.  Mark was delighted to meet someone who “understood” him.  One day he asked his father, “Can we invite her over for dinner?”  His father inquired, “Why?”  Mark (all of three years old) responded, “Because I would like some intelligent conversation at the dinner table!” 

Mark was able to run his battery-powered toys without batteries; he knew who was on the phone before anybody picked it up; he knew who was at the door before it was opened.  One day he asked his mother if she remembered when “you and Dad saw a UFO when you were on vacation at the cabin in the woods.”  His mother and father had never discussed the incident with each other, much less with Mark.  “That was me,” he said, “checking you out to see if I wanted to come to you.”

The doctor told Tamara in the early stages of her pregnancy that she was carrying twins. One night during the fifth month, she awoke, certain that something strange had happened, something related to the ongoing extraterrestrial contact she had experienced throughout her life.  When she next visited the doctor, he informed her that she now had only one baby.  He explained it away as just another instance of the “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon” — one of the many mysteries of gestation.  Tamara did indeed give birth to only one child — her daughter Becky.  At eight months of age, Becky began jabbering at thin air, apparently “communicating” with someone or something that no one else could see.  When she got older, she described her “imaginary friend” as her twin sister.  An exceptionally bright and psychically gifted child, Becky was able to relieve pain simply by the laying on of hands.  She said she had learned how from her sister, “on the ship at night.”

They are called “Children of the Blue Ray”, “Starseeds”, “Rainbow Children”, “Crystal Children”, “Star Children”, “Star People”, “New Kids” or “Indigo Children” — We called them “The Millennium Children” in one of the first books to be written about these children.

In the midst of what appears to be a great “shift” in consciousness here at the beginning of the third millennium, in the midst of all the great challenges human civilization faces, from war to pollution to poverty, a miracle is flowering.

My investigation indicates that appearing among us are an increasing number of children who demonstrate a number of notable differences.Natiecropped

  • Remarkable intuitive, intellectual and physical abilities– clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairsentience
  • Genius level IQ’s
  • Highly acute senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight)
  • Unusual physical strength
  • Demonstrate at an early age extraordinarily vivid memories of past lives
  • Often recall life in the womb, as well as being “in spirit” before conception
  • Frequently, they report interaction with “extraterrestrials” and other extraordinary dreamtime (and daytime) activities, including “imaginary friends.”
  • Ability to see beyond the visible light spectrum, which enables them to perceive auras, devas, fairies and ghosts.
  • Often the product of a difficult pregnancy (in some cases their mothers were purportedly unable to get pregnant), they may have various physical deformities (clubfoot, scoliosis) or neurological problems.
  • Sometimes they are twins, or the mother may have been diagnosed as being pregnant with twins, but only one child is born (Vanishing Twin Phenomenon).

From 1987vanishing twin through the year 2000, I traveled extensively throughout the country, lecturing on Colorology, extraterrestrial contact, and particularly on my ongoing research into the phenomenon of telepathic communication with non-human intelligence, and its relationship to the “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon” (seventy-five percent of women diagnosed with twins only deliver one baby – 1 in 8 people actually begin life as twins.)  During my travels I’ve heard one account after another of these different kids — very often from grandparents, teachers, or counselors, who also told me these kids’ parents were at their wits’ end trying to deal with behavior they didn’t understand.

For that reason, I was moved to investigate this phenomenon more deeply. The research resulted in a book, The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift, written with my husband, Parker Whitman and published in early 1997.  It contains over seventy-five thought-provoking true stories about these fascinating children.  I believe anyone who is in any way connected to one of these special children need as much information as possible to help these kids realize their full potential.  In too many sectors of our society such things as psychic ability are feared and discouraged in children.  It’s my opinion that these children are our future leaders; they’re the ones that will have to help guide our species through the death of the current era and the birth of the next.  Their unusual abilities will be required to deal with the unusual times to come:  open contact with non-human intelligence, earth changes — the transformation of civilization, perhaps of humanity itself.

durgskidsThe book explores some of the threats to these children: The danger of toxic reactions to vaccines (especially DPT) and other drugs; the possibility of their high-strung temperaments and hypersensitivity leading teachers to regard them as “problems”, resulting in diagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity, and/or learning disabilities.  But the biggest danger to these kids — and to our future — is that their parents will react in fear or anger to their ability to see auras, for example, or to predict the future, causing the kids to shut down their abilities. That has happened to all too many people in the past; we can’t let it happen to this generation. Our survival may very well depend on it.

In 1993, I teamed up with another researcher to study a group of adult “Prodigies”, who (apparently through extraterrestrial contact beginning in childhood) had developed some of the extraordinary talents and genius described above.  Most of these people experienced great difficulties because they deviated from the norm, and the information they were getting — new healing modalities and high-tech inventions that, if implemented, would help to heal Mother Earth and humanity — was and continues to be largely ignored by the powers that be. Hopefully, The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift will help to enable these intuitive kids to develop their abilities to the fullest, and help them to avoid at least some of the torment endured by the “Prodigies” at the hands of the ignorant and uninformed.

Whatever the nature of the “Shift” through which humanity is now passing — whether extraterrestrials are telepathically “coaching” humanity and/or manipulating our DNA, whether we are simply making the next evolutionary step in consciousness, or whether we have stumbled upon the true multi-dimensional nature of reality — it seems certain that we are at a crucial point in our sojourn upon this planet. It seems equally certain that these special children have been appointed “Keepers of the Flame” that will light our way through the difficult years to come.  Can we afford to ignore that possibility?

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