Vanishing Twin Phenomenon (Syndrome)

vanishing twinCurrent Medical Statistics:
♦ 1 in 8 conceptions begin as twins
♦ 75% of the women pregnant with twins only deliver one baby
♦ Over 75% of all human conceptions fail
between fertilization and term

Could you be a twin?

Physical signs for the mother of a possible Womb Twin

  • Cramps
  • Bleeding
  • Decreased hormone levels during the first trimester
  • Diethylstilbestrol  (DES) use during pregnancy
  • Often there are no physical symptoms at all.  Also, if there is a history of twins in the family and/or if a woman has already borne twins or is older, the chances increase for VTP incidence.

Physical signs of a possible Womb Twin

  • Teratoma or Dermoid tumor
  • Mid-line deformities (cleft palate, heart anomalies)
  • Excess fingers or toes
  • Different colored eyes
  • Left handedness
  • Cerebral Palsy

Psychological Signs of a possible Womb Twin

  • Imaginary friend
  • Hearing voices or schizophrenia
  • Feelings of incompleteness, loneliness or missing something or someone
  • Fascination with mirrors
  • Fascination with twins
  • Fear of sudden loss
  • Recurring dreams of a twin or “familiar” person
  • Sexual identity confusion
  • Enhanced psychic ability
  • Extreme emotional sensitivity

I am neither a doctor nor a psychologist.  My research over the last 23 years in this area is a personal quest;  I discovered in 1993 that I am a womb twin. I also have siblings who are twins who were expected to be triplets and my youngest brother’s mirror identical twin also vanished.  In 2015 we discovered, after my mother’s transition, that my sister, six years younger than me, was also twins.

I am also a Colorologist, author, researcher and professional Psychic Counselor. With no letters after my name to protect, I can freely discuss some of the more “metaphysical” aspects of the subject, along with the medical and psychological implications.  I am confident from past experience that this information can be an almost miraculous aid and comfort to those most affected by the VTP.    

I am the creator and moderator of the Vanishing Twin Yahoo E-Group, which has been going strong since 2001, and I researched and co-authored The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift (1997), which contains a large section on the VTP.  

I need your help!   I am requesting metaphysical/paranormal/spiritual womb twin stories for a new book I am writing with that focus.  Please email me your stories!