What to expect during your 1st Reading

I will email you as soon as possible after your payment has been received (usually within 12-24 hours).  We will schedule a mutually convenient time. My goal is to schedule your reading as soon as possible.  I do work weekends.

You may also call to schedule a reading at 727-441-2270.

You may also email me with any questions at

I will begin your Psychic Reading with an intention statement:


After which information usually comes to me which I will share. 

Then we will discover your “Life Color” using Neuromuscular Feedback (pendulum) on a chart and I will tell you how that affects your life. 

You can then direct me to whatever questions you may have. I recommend that you bring a written, prioritized list.  (See About Readings for more information about my areas of expertise.)

Please provide pictures of others you would like to discuss.

One hour is recommended for your first Rainbow Psychic Reading.

I will email your mp3 recording within 24 hours.  (Every time you listen to it you will hear something different.)

Let me know if I can be of service to you.

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