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I have been doing Psychic Consultations since 1990.  The most frequently asked question by my clients is “When am I going to meet my soul mate?”  So many people are looking for their perfect partner and wondering why they keep creating the same unacceptable relationships.  In an effort to share my research, insight and experience on the subject,  I  have created the new 21st Century Matchmaking: Latest Techniques & Technology for Finding Your Soul Mate web information to help those in need prepare for the relationship of their dreams by clearing out the old, limiting belief systems and patterns, getting clear about what they do want to manifest and offering techniques so they can go about  manifesting their heart’s desire.

I have incorporated processes and techniques from my books Colorology: The Science of Color and Tools for the Shift and a great deal of new research on how to utilize the magic of the internet to broaden your opportunities to meet your soul mate.    Although I didn’t meet my husband (we got married June 26, 2005, wedding picture) on the internet, I did use the techniques and processes I will be offering in the seminar to manifest him.  BELIEVE ME – THEY WORK!

I feel we have an innate motivation to find a mate and we are designed to go two by two – I’ve found it certainly makes life easier when you find a compatible partner.  It’s my desire to help others manifest their soul mate so they can become as happy, fulfilled and content as we are.


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