Body, Mind & Spirit 
Healing Rainbow
A Visual Healing Tool


In Memory of my brother, Timothy George Dennis (1959 -2011)

♦  Physical, mental and emotional dis-ease of all sorts
♦ Spiritual distress
♦  Psychic/Spiritual Development
♦  Childbirth
♦  Alzheimer’s and dementia
♦  School principal’s office, to calm children before seeing the principal
♦  Hospice
♦  Nursing homes and Re-habs
♦  Alcoholics Anonymous
♦  Children’s rooms
♦  Churches
♦  Nursery Schools
♦  Daycares
♦  Hospital rooms

Brief Instructions
Inhale deeply, then slowly exhale as you read each word in the cloud. [See detailed instructions below]

Beginning with Red, breathe in each color as you read the accompanying affirmation, which relates to the properties of each color.

When finished, express your gratitude (“Many thanks…”) and close with the last two phrases.

Simply gaze at the Rainbow for a few moments and allow the colors to balance your energy.

Important Notice
I, Caryl Dennis, creator of the Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Rainbow, give you my permission to save the Healing Rainbow to your computer and print it out, as long as no money is made from it.  I only ask that you email me any stories or testimonials you might have about it’s use.

Healing Rainbow History
In April of 1987, in the midst of my “spiritual awakening”, my brother Tim was in a very serious automobile accident.  His convalescence promised to be a difficult one, including several operations, confinement to a wheelchair and long hospital stays.  One night I was thinking about him and wondering how I could help.  I was learning about the power of color, and knew about positive affirmations; I wanted to combine them somehow, in something he could look at in the hospital.

I took a pen and piece of paper, quieted my mind and started doodling in the corner of the paper, asking for inspiration.  Three hours later I “woke up”.  On the paper was a rainbow with a positive affirmation in each color band that related to the properties of that color.  The Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Rainbow is the ultimate result of that night.

Over the next three days my Guides taught me how to most effectively use the Healing Rainbow and how to explain it to others.  I was told it was a “visual healing tool.” The body has an innate ability to balance. When you look at a rainbow, your body absorbs the color energy it needs in order to maintain balance (more detail on this in Colorology).

I decided to make the Healing Rainbow available to the world in the form of posters, greeting cards and wallet cards.  I had the original artwork done, wrote a business plan, raised the money and had the finished product in my hand in six weeks.  It was exciting to watch the answers to problems or questions appear, as if by magic.  The process felt completely “directed”.  If there was a decision to make, I would take a walk on the beach and ask questions.  By the time I got to the end of the beach I would have the answers.

As exciting as it was to manifest the Rainbows, the response to them was even more gratifying.  For several years, I traveled the country selling them and lecturing on their uses.  Later, as I went on to other projects, the Healing Rainbow was put aside.  After Tim’s sudden transition, however, I was moved to offer it at no charge over the Internet, so that anyone can print it out for themselves and experience its power.  I feel this is a most fitting memorial to its original inspiration, Timothy George Dennis.

Please feel free to email me with any stories you might have about your use of the Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Rainbow.

Caryl Dennis

Since I created the Healing Rainbow in 1987, I’ve seen dramatic evidence of its power as a visual healing tool. I’ve heard reports that women use it during natural childbirth, centering on the positive affirmations, concentrating on the colors. Of course, the body’s innate ability to balance assures distribution of the color energy to the proper center. And, as long as the baby is physically connected to the mother, it also receives the energy, helping it to balance. After delivery, the Healing Rainbow can be displayed in the nursery, above or next to the crib, so that the child can continue to bring color into its body and develop its ability to perceive colors. The baby also attempts to focus on the words, thus assisting with their vision development.

My sister Terri at one time worked with Alzheimer’s patients. She gave one of them a Rainbow poster; the woman “lit up” every time she saw it, and was able to remember how to read the words.

The affirmations dovetail with the Alcoholics Anonymous principles, making the Rainbow an excellent tool for anyone recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were hanging in every hospital and treatment center room?

A high school principal called me one day to order a quantity of posters. She had been experimenting with the Rainbow by placing one in her waiting room where the disruptive kids had to wait before seeing her. She noticed a remarkable difference in their attitude after they stared at the poster for a while.

One man told me that when his wife was dying they would look at the poster together and say the affirmations and they would both feel better. Others have used it in Hospice situations, as well.

Small children, the elderly, the mentally deficient, people who are ill, substance abusers — all are especially affected by color; it is therefore especially important for those people to be exposed as much as possible to the entire color spectrum in a balanced manner — which is exactly what the Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Rainbow does!

Detailed Directions For Use
Display the poster in your bedroom, where you can see it from your bed. Look at it just before you go to sleep and just as you wake up, when you are in that slightly altered state. Allow the color to flow into your body. If possible, also have one available in your workplace, and even on the dashboard of your car. Whenever you get upset, feel ill or “stressed out”, take a moment to look at the Rainbow.  Breathe deeply and allow the colors to flow into your body. Read the affirmations to center your thoughts on what is really important. It only takes a few moments, and is a great “pick-me-up”. Give the Rainbow to anyone who needs a boost.

Begin with the words in the cloud.  Coordinating your breathing with the words, inhale BE STILL, exhale CALM, inhale RELAXED, exhale PEACEFUL, inhale LIGHT, exhale LOVE. As you breathe, allow the babble of the conscious mind to gradually subside, and feel yourself relax and become still.

You can incorporate the following  insights relative to each affirmation and color and use them to enrich your meditation:

Psalms 46:10 says, “Be still and know I am God.”  According to the Hindu Vedas, the spoken words “I AM”, or “AUM” in Hindi, set up a vibrational frequency in the body and mind, which aligns the individual with his Higher Self and thus the God source. The word “GOD” in any language has the highest vibrational frequency of any word in the language. When you say aloud, “I AM GOD”, the sound vibration literally aligns the energy in the body to a higher attunement. It sets up a vibrational frequency in the head and the body that allows you to tap into this inner resource. This phrase can also be used very effectively whenever you are afraid or in need of protection. It neutralizes negative energy.

Meditation is a method of silencing the “internal monologue”, the ceaseless chatter of the conscious mind, and thus opening to Spirit. All spiritual traditions advocate some form of meditation, whether by simply focusing on the breath, repeating a phrase (mantra) over and over, deeply contemplating an idea or concept, or staring fixedly at a particular point in your surroundings, such as a candle flame. The Rainbow makes a fine meditation tool.  You may contemplate these introductory words for as long as you like!

Everything in our universe is made of White Light, containing all the seven colors of the Rainbow. You are not your body, brain, emotions or ego, and you’re certainly not what other people think of you — you are a Divine Spark of this White Light energy, just like everybody and everything.

Love is the catalyst to enlightenment. Learning unconditional love, genuine compassion, is a primary lesson here in the Earth School. You can’t really love someone else until you love yourself. We truly are all One, and to be truly healthy, we must love and respect ourselves and all forms of life.

The Rainbow
We begin with the color red (remember, red is the slowest and longest vibration on the visible color spectrum), and work up through each color, increasing the rate of vibration as we approach violet (the fastest and shortest vibration). This permits the body to adjust to and properly utilize the energies.

I forgive myself and everyone else with the strength and power within me 

Forgiveness is the key to self-love. Know that whatever you’ve done in your life, it was the best you could do at the time. If you were a perfect being, you wouldn’t be here in the first place! Holding on to guilt, hate and/or regret creates negative energy states in the body, which act to block the free flow of the life force, leading eventually to physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. Allowing forgiveness to flow through you on a powerful Red current will help to break up these fields and get the energy going again. There are no mistakes, only challenges and opportunities to grow. And don’t hold on to anger — that’s blocked, negative Red energy.  Breathe in I AM — breathe out AT PEACE, or, if you must, go for a ride in your car, turn the radio up, and scream; fall down on your bed and pound a pillow; find some harmless way to release the excess energy. Remember that there are no mistakes, only challenges and opportunities to grow. DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY!

I enjoy the prosperity of the Universe with enthusiasm and courage

Do what you love to do and the money will follow. If you don’t love what you’re doing — stop doing it! If, when you get up in the morning, you dread going to work, you will carry that negative energy around with you all day. Is it useful to make yourself sick doing work you dislike? Find a way to make a living doing what you really love to do — something you’d do for free because you enjoy it so much. Do it enthusiastically, be the best you can be at it. Remember that energy follows thought; and remember that whatever happens, you can make it a blessing and an opportunity for growth, if you have the courage and integrity to do so.

I joyously and fearlessly do unto others as I would have them do unto me

Remember the Golden Rule from your childhood?  Here it is again. “What goes around comes around.” “As you sow, so shall you reap”. It’s the law of Cause & Effect; for every action there’s a reaction.  Being true to yourself, following your “bliss”, is NOT a license to deliberately harm others. If you do something nasty, it’ll come back at you sooner or later. Remember that there are as many “realities” on this planet as there are people to imagine them; enjoy and honor others’ vision, as well as your own. Free will is a tricky blessing; it means you must have the courage to take responsibility for your life and your actions!

I am tranquil, balanced and in harmony with the healing life energy within

By becoming Still, Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful; and by opening to Light & Love, we become capable of receiving the messages our bodies are sending to our minds. They tell us what they need, if we’ll only listen. Cravings for certain colors or foods are requests for more of a certain energy frequency. Discernment is required, of course, to differentiate between addictive cravings and actual vibrational requirements; hence the need to be still and go within. Caffeine, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, preservatives, chemicals, extremely hot or cold beverages all create imbalances in the body, requiring it to tap into its energy reserves to correct the imbalance, thus leaving you with less energy to manifest the things you really want in your life.

I am patient, content, loyal and understanding to myself and everyone else

“Judge not, lest ye be judged”: You’re welcome to your opinion, but when you become emotionally involved — that’s judgment! We don’t know what lessons another person has chosen to learn, and it’s really none of our business anyway. We often create expectations concerning how another should behave, based on our own belief systems. Well, expectations can get you into a lot of trouble. “Allow” is the key word here. “Shoulding” on another person is never appropriate. Unconditional love just doesn’t leave room for it!  To paraphrase a remark Dick Sutphen made at a seminar I attended: “If you’re angry at another person, it’s because you need either approval or control; neither is your right or business.” I think that sums it up pretty well.

I always recognize and trust my creativity and intuition

Be Still — listen — all the answers are within you. They may come as inclinations, hunches, visions, voices, dreams, cravings, a word from another person, a passage in a book or even on a billboard or bumper sticker – but they’ll show up if you’re looking for them. “Ask and ye shall receive” – it’s part of the Order of the Universe. Formulate a question, or imagine something you want to manifest, and Be Still, watch and listen for your answer. The more specific you are, the more specific the Universe will be in recycling your energy back to you. Remember, it’s all energy; you create your existence with your thoughts.  The meditative state allows us to access the River of Mind and see where and how it’s flowing. When we “go with the flow”, living tends to feel effortless, “right”. The trick is to hear and heed that “still small voice within”. Practice listening, especially to the silence —  in the wilderness, if you can get there, or deep in the night. You’ll be amazed at what you hear! And even if you’re not very good at listening, Spirit has ways, sometimes rather unpleasant, of getting your attention!

I love and accept myself just the way I am

And so we come full circle: Learn to love yourself unconditionally, because until you do, you can’t learn to love another person. If there is something about yourself you don’t love, change it or forgive it. You can change only yourself — no one else.  Your challenge, here in Earth School, is to be the best “You” possible. Put a day or a weekend aside for yourself, during which you list all of your positive qualities and gloat over them.  Take the time to pamper yourself – sleep till noon, go to a spa, buy yourself a gift, meditate, use the Healing Rainbow at least twice a day, and by all means get in touch with your intuition!  Learn to love, appreciate and accept yourself, if you don’t already — it’s the quickest way to fix what’s wrong in your world.  Claim your personal power, then use it to create the life you want.

We have so many reasons to be thankful!  If you don’t think so, sit down and make a list.  Put it up on the wall and refer to it when you’re feeling abused. You’ll be amazed at how your attitude will change. The bigger your “gratitude attitude”, the more reasons you’ll find to be grateful!  That’s how the law of cause and effect works.

There are no accidents, because we create our existence with our thoughts. All is in perfect order — you just have to step back a little way to see it!  The “Big You” has that view; connect with it and expand your life!


Here is a Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Rainbow in an MS Word printable greeting card format.