Add a whole new dimension to your next
Girl’s Night Out,
Bridal Shower, Baby Shower,
Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary
Home or Office Party, or Corporate Event


1.  Private Psychic Soirees (Party)

My favorite way to offer Psychic Soirees is outlined below.

I will determine everyone’s “Life Color” and explain the “Life Color” concept,
revealing what it tells us about ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (Approximately 15-20 minutes)

Your “Life Color” is the foundation of a reading with me.  I have discovered through the years that friends usually have the same or similar “Life Color”, so discovering and explaining every one’s “Life Color” in the beginning saves time so I can go directly to your guest’s questions during their Private Reading time.

I will then offer 15 minute PRIVATE READINGS to answer whatever questions your guests have.    Bring Questions!


I can skip the initial Introduction to “Life Colors”, which usually takes about 15 minutes, and go directly into the Private Readings and determine your guest’s “Life Colors” privately.

The average time for the Private Readings at a Soiree is usually 15 minutes.  I can give your guests a great deal of information in 15 minutes, especially if they bring questions and pictures.   (Shorter or longer readings are also possible, depending on the number of guests.)

How many guests can you have?

There is a two hour minimum and four hour maximum Soiree time.

In two hours I can offer the Introduction to “Life Colors” and seven 15 minute readings.  (Without the Introduction I can offer eight 15 minute readings.)

In three hours I can offer the Introduction to “Life Colors” and eleven 15 minute readings.  (Without the Introduction, I can offer twelve 15 minute readings.)

Host Responsibilities:

A.  Find and secure location.
B.  Email or mail invitations to your potential guests.
(Personalized email invitation available)
C.  Take RSVPs.
D.  Confirm the guaranteed number of guests two days prior to date.
      Guarantee a minimum of two and maximum of four hours of
F.  Collect money at the Soiree.
G.  $50 travel fee if location is out of Pinellas County.

Host Benefit:
Receives a 15 minute reading, recording and Colorology e-Book

2.  Corporate Events or Parties

I can offer one question mini-readings or longer as time permits and depending on the number of guests.  Recording and Colorology e-Book NOT included.

Two hour minimum.

Travel fee if location is out of Pinellas County, FL

$120 per hour – 2 hour minimum

Fees negotiable depending upon specific circumstances.

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